You Know You’re a Madison Mom When…


  1. Your kids think that all cheese is supposed to ‘squeak’.
  2. You just went into labor, BUT the Packers are in overtime… Or maybe THAT’S what PUT you in labor!
  3. You know that Babcock and ice cream are synonymous.
  4. You can’t decide which ‘kid-friendly’ brewery to take your kids to this weekend.
  5. Your kids think that ‘dining out’ means finding the nearest food cart.
  6. You have to explain to your kids why ‘that‘ guy is riding a scooter wearing only a cape (and a thong.)
  7. You just shoveled your driveway… For the 14th time this month (and it’s March).
  8. You know that being called a Cheesehead is actually a compliment.
  9. Your friend from out of state doesn’t know what Spotted Cow means, but you order it anyway.
  10. You take your kids (and the neighbors kids) to the Wisconsin Dells – Waterpark Capital of the World!
  11. You get excited about Paul Bunyon’s axe – because it’s a BIG freakin’ deal!
  12. You probably have a picture of your kids sitting here:

    • And here:
    • And here:
    • And one with this guy:
  13. You aren’t fazed when you see a giant hot dog cruising around town.
  14. You are shocked when you visit a zoo out of town (and have to PAY!)
  15. You know that sometimes the news circulating the ‘net is satirical… but read it anyway (gotta love The Onion!).
  16. You remember to wear your stretchiest pants (or even your old maternity pants!) if you are brunching at Mickies Dairy Bar!
  17. You know that mac ‘n cheese is a totally acceptable pizza topping.
  18. You quickly learn the difference between ‘cold’ and ‘arctic’.
  19. Your kids (and you) hear the song ‘Jump Around’ and automatically start jumping.
  20. You know what a bubbler is.
  21. You’ve taken your kids to the World’s Largest Brat Fest (even if you’re a vegetarian!).
  22. You plan your child’s birthday party around the Badgers game.
  23. You avoid State Street like the plague on Halloween (but secretly wish you were there.)
  24. You know what Teach Me How to Bucky means.
  25. You have a boat (or have a friend with a boat – which is even better!)

And, of course, you know that Madison is an AMAZING place to raise your family! Some like to say that Madison is 78 square miles surrounded by reality – BUT to all those: it’s beautiful here, the people are friendly & happy, there’s tons of awesome (farm fresh) food and never a shortage of things to do! We are lucky to be home to one of the best universities in the entire country and truly, life in Madison is pretty hard to beat!




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