“You Are Such a Mom”

The other day I was referred to as being “SUCH A MOM”.

This statement was not said to me in a negative connotation at all, rather during a brief encounter with a fellow colleague. The words just rolled off his tongue with no ill intentions but as I walked away from the encounter it made me think. What did that statement really mean?! Here is what it meant to me:

  • I have paint, crayon and even glue under my nails from the project the night before
  • My Facebook wall consists of pictures & stories solely of my child
  • I deal with tantrums that are more stressful than a work deadline
  • I can’t wear white
  • I spend more money on my child then on myself
  • I may be late to events to simply tuck my toddler in or kiss her goodnight
  • I shout & clap when my daughter poops on the potty
  • I say potty (as noted above)
  • I am never alone when my child is home, privacy is not something that I get anymore
  • I rush from work to pick my daughter up from daycare, excited to see her even when she gives me a hard time
  • I carry my crying child from daycare, store etc. when she doesn’t get her way
  • I am excited to score a deal on wipes, diapers, anything baby/kid related
  • I have snacks, wipes, extra pair of kids underwear in my purse
  • My DVR has more shows for her than myself
  • My plans are arranged around nap time and bed time
  • I know more terms than I did before in relation to pregnancy & the female body that I could work in the medical profession
  • I talk about my daughter in almost 99% of my conversations
  • I don’t really know what I did prior to having a child
  • The house feels lonely without noise
  • I bribe with candy even sometimes my husband
  • The tablet I once owned is no longer mine
  • I can recite “Goodnight Moon”, “Guess How Much I Love You”, & “Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You”

I am a mom & I am darn proud of that! Photo

That statement fits me perfectly with all the imperfections that come from multitasking and life. Next time someone says a comment such as this, take it with a smile, take it for what it is worth as it is a compliment. One of the best one’s in my opinion.

Thank you for making me realize just how true that statement is and how it does help define me, how it has changed my life and how it has opened my eyes to the meaning of unconditional love!

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