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I have been an avid runner for the past ten years.  I have covered thousands of miles, more than fourty half marathons and will be completing my tenth full marathon this year.  However, unless people know me and my story, they may not guess that I have all of that experience under my belt.  Why??  Because I don’t look like your average runner or athlete.  I have curves, I still have a tummy and my legs are strong and sturdy.  Sometimes, it can be difficult to browse the active gear section of a clothing store to find something that not only fits me – but that I also feel comfortable in.  Finding something that doesn’t snug my curves too tightly, but that won’t slide down.  Something that will cover my mid-section.  Having coached more than 600 new runners in recent years, these women also don’t typically fit the standard body-type and have voiced concerns about finding something that fits them well.  It can be difficult to step outside of your comfort zone.  But, having the right workout gear – and running shoes – can make the experience a lot more comfortable and fun!

I stopped by Catalyst recently to preview their new clothing for your spring fitness routine.  Catalyst is located a 2045 Atwood Avenue and is just a short run or walk from the bike path.  I like it to call it a boutique for women and athletes.  They pride themselves in a unique, stress-free shopping experience and specialize in running, yoga and casual wear for women.  If you love your yoga pants – this place is for you!


My favorite outfit was this beautiful ensemble that you could wear for yoga or running errands with the kids.  Orange is not typically a color I would wear, but this was fun and great for spring.  I loved the slouched shoulder and the gathering of the material.  The top was long and covered all of my problem areas.  It went great with these grey capris.

Top:  Tasc-Pizzazzz Slubbed Hoodie
Bag:  Po Campo Bag


This yoga outfit was also comfortable.  The top fit snug and wouldn’t slip down during various yoga poses, but was also flattering around my mid section.  Paired with this beautiful yoga bag, you’d be good to go for your next class!

Top:  Mountain Hardwear Mighty stripe T
Capris:  Oiselle Leslie Knicker
Yoga Bag:  by local artist, Prairie Stitching


This outfit was comfortable and the color combination would be great for someone that typically sticks with neutrals, but wants to step a little outside of their comfort zone.  The purple was a nice touch and addition to the basic black.  The outfit would work great if you are headed to a fitness class or group run, followed by dinner or drinks with your girlfriends.  The jacket is perfect for spring, with some great details.

Tank:  Oiselle Flowy Tank
Jacket:  MPG Metro Jacket
Crop:  Soybu Lona Crop
Shoes:  Merrell Allout Flash


If you are looking for a nice, spring jacket and something that would be visible during dark runs or walks, this jacket would be a great option.  It was light and blocked the wind, but wasn’t overly bulky or heavy.  It also has several zipper compartments to store phones, music or other items you need to carry with you.

Jacket:  Mountain Hardwear Mighty Power Jacket


If you are looking for even more coverage, this top and hoodie combination is perfect.  It was not fitted and both the top and jacket were longer for added coverage.  The bright colors were beautiful and the soft-touch of the jacket was amazing.

Top:  Saucony Daybreak Short Sleeve
Hoodie:  MPG Valencia Sweat shirt
Shoes:  Merrell Bare Access Ultra Shoes


If you are into running, Catalyst has several fun options for spring.  I’m not typically a wearer of tank tops when I run, so these short and long sleeve options were nice options for me.  The wicking fabric would also keep me cool and dry during my runs.  I loved the thumb-holes and the detail of the Flyte top (below) and the Killer Caboose capri (below) were an amazing fit for my next run.

Outfit above:
Top:  Soybu Reese Tee
Tights:  Soybu Sylvie Capri
Scarf:  Soybu
Shoes:  Saucony Kinvara
Headband:  Bondi Band
Outfit below:
Top:  Oiselle Flyte Long Sleeve
Capri:  Soybu Killer Caboose Crop
Hydration Belt:  Fitletic Water Bottle

hydration belt


If you are looking for a new shoe for your next training run or fitness class, Catalyst will help you find the right shoe for you.  I always tell my clients, that just because a shoe says it’s a “running shoe” at the store, it doesn’t mean that it’s the right shoe for YOU!  Catalyst and their helpful staff will analyze your footstrike, while they watch you run and walk on the treadmill.  They will video tape your stride from the knee down and suggest several pairs that are right for you and your chosen activity.

Shoes pictured above:
Mizuno Hitogami 2 – neutral running shoe
Asics Metro Lyte Gem – casual shoe

Catalyst Discount Card

If you are in the market for new Spring running gear, yoga apparel or casual wear, stop by Catalyst at 2045 Atwood Avenue in Madison, and use this Madison Moms Blog discount card to receive 15% off one regularly priced item.  This coupon expires June 30, 2015.

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