Let’s not get into politics here, but let’s do talk about exercising your right to vote. So many people sacrificed for this over so many years and for so many reasons, don’t waste it. This opportunity to shape your life as a citizen has more impact than you know.

Yes, it’s a right as an American. It’s one of the reasons people have flocked here from all over the world. My family, for example, came as refugees from Cuba in the 60’s. They weren’t allowed to choose their leaders, they were barely lucky to flee their homeland in one piece or even as a family. Imagine if there’d been a democratic system there…I’d be tan year-round and get to see where my grandparents met. I digress.

My point is that freedom isn’t free and if the only price we pay these days is a couple of hours to research candidates/policies/history and then stand in line and vote for our civic leaders, then so be it. I’ll wait in that (hopefully) long line and silently thank all those that came before me that made it possible for a woman, a Hispanic one at that, to vote in our great nation.

This isn’t American Idol or America’s Got Talent, it’s America’s ACTUAL FUTURE and you don’t have “steals” or fancy judges if we collectively don’t vote. Your vote matters. Every conversation involving a vote, from prom queen to president, I plan to make it clear to my twins that when they vote for something, their commitment to something – doesn’t matter what – is evident. They care. You care. It matters. It matters to the candidates, to the people they serve, to you, to your friends and especially to your family and kiddos and so on.

There’s not just presidential candidates vying for a post during this election, but also hundreds of others – judges, senators, house representatives, assembly members and more – and they all matter. One vote makes a difference and has the power to affect change. Like Lin-Manuel Miranda powerfully put it in his Hamilton lyrics,  

You don’t get a win unless you play in the game.

Cast your votes, whatever they may be, after all, this is what the United States of America is about at its core. Democracy! A choose-your-own-adventure, if you will. So choose wisely, choose to VOTE!

*Check out the Madison Moms Blog Election Day Resource Guide here

An early morning voting pic of the hubs and I in November 2012!

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