The Time I Tried The Barre Code

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A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to try out The Barre Code, the new-ish downtown fitness studio just off the square. Having tried several other barre classes in the area, including Barre3, Pure Barre, and BarreAmped, I was curious to find out what made Barre Code different.

Well, first: no other barre studio is located right next door to my favorite local restaurant, Red Sushi–so that’s a perk. 🙂 Barre + happy hour anyone?

Anyway. Walking into the lobby, I found the studio’s vibe to be very clean and modern, featuring this smiling face and lots of–what else–bar codes!

The locker room area was cozy and spotlessly clean, with plenty of post-class beauty perk-up products.

On the way in to class, I was instructed to grab a few different pieces of equipment. I’ve seen lots of equipment variety in barre classes, but not like this…I mean, they had weighted barbells!

I got to try out two different classes back to back: Barre Code–the flagship class–and The Boot Camp (yikes…).
Barre Code

In the Barre Code class, I saw a lot of the traditional barre class positioning I was familiar with from other classes: tiny ups and downs with feet hip distance apart, tiny ups and downs with feet in a V (heels up), tiny ups and downs while sitting back into a squat (KILLER).

One addition this particular class happened to include was a band around the legs, just under the knees–for the. Entire. Time. The outside of my thighs were on FIRE!

Something that always surprises me about barre classes is that such tiny little movements can be SO hard. My legs were shaking like crazy, and I definitely wasn’t too proud to take some extra breaks, because WHOA.

Something that stood out about the Barre Code class was the rhythm of it. The music itself had a very solid beat (but more pop than techno – I remember some Bruno Mars!) and the instructor, Kellian, matched the beat with her vocal cues. It was almost like she was conducting an orchestra, and I found it both super easy to follow and very motivating!

Throughout class, I noticed the lights getting progressively dimmer, sort of naturally ushering us toward the end. Kellian wrapped up the class with a little stretching, and then left us lying on the floor in a mini meditation, with instructions to take as much time as we needed. 

I was so relaxed I almost forgot that I had another entire class to dive into…!

TBC (The Boot Camp)

As someone who normally does a lot of weight training, I knew the Boot Camp class was going to be right up my alley. As Kellian told me, it’s not really a barre class at all. It’s heavily strength-focused, with sets of strength movements bookended by cardio bursts.

The class burst into high gear right off the bat with some intense cardio–side to side hops, jumping lunges, burpees, and squat jumps. After a few minutes of that, we were warm (and I was really, really warm) and ready for our first strength set.

In this particular class, a lot of our strength moves involved a resistance band attached to each end of a weighted bar. I loved it!

We used this thing to do bicep curls, upright rows, bent over rows, and overhead presses. The band was such a fun addition to traditional bar work and added a surprising amount of resistance! In between sets of strength work, we repeated the cardio burst we learned in the beginning. (So many burpees…!)

Then, toward the end of class, there was another fun surprise. Kellian led us into a mini circuit of shuffles and high knees, and then she turned down the lights, turned UP the music, and instructed us to go for it! I had a huge smile on my face, shuffling and high-kneeing my heart out in the low lighting, with the music pulsing me on.

So much fun!

And I was officially SPENT. (And starving!)

Here’s a sweaty shot of Kellian (left) and me post-classes:

Two classes in one night was enough for me, but there were so many other unique class formats I would have loved to check out, like Brawl (cardio kickboxing), Barre-dio (the “booty shaking, hair whipping” class), Burn (HOT barre!), and Barre Stretch (a 30 minute physical, mental, and emotional release).
Since Kellian is also the owner of the studio, I took the opportunity to ask her a few more questions about the Barre Code. Here’s what she had to say!
1. What do you love about the Barre Code format?

“The Barre Code program goes beyond barre, offering our clients a complete program for cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, and restoration. We have many different class formats to truly embrace the concept of a “one stop shop”. We focus on strengthening our clients from the inside out, accepting ourselves and those around us. The Barre Code was built upon a foundation of positivity, motivation and empowerment. At the Barre Code, we empower you, and then we challenge you.”

2. How is The Barre Code different from other barre classes around town?

“A huge factor that sets us apart from other studios is our instructors and their routines. Our instructors go through an intense 6 week+ training program to not only be able to lead, but to do so safely and effectively. Our instructors teach a different routine each week, utilizing the many different props we have to provide extra challenges in class. We don’t want our clients to have the same experience with their workout as they had the previous class. We focus on constantly challenging both our muscles and our mind.

“Another factor that makes us unique is our foundation. We have a mantra – a code. To Live By The Barre Code is to truly accept yourself, your strength, and your capabilities. To be relentless. To accept the differences that make you beautiful and to strive for beauty that makes a difference.”

3. What kind of results do you typically see in new clients?

“The most exciting result to see in our clients is confidence. It takes courage to come to a new place, put yourself in a room full of others, and push yourself beyond the limits that you know. Our clients break out and become stronger both mentally and physically. We provide a safe place for our clients, welcoming them into our community and making them part of our code.

“With our variety of classes, we encourage clients to take the full program, to take our cardio classes, our strength classes, and our restoration classes. This is how you will get the best results. Our workouts promote strength, increase endurance, and encourage self care.”

4. How would you describe the Barre Code community?

“Positive, supportive, empowering, strong.

Our instructors are passionate about our clients. They truly care about the reason clients choose to come in, and this is different for almost every client. Everyone has their reasons for working out. Whether it be to lose weight, to tone, or for mental clarity. There is no judgement in our community. All levels are welcome. In each class, the instructor will provide clients with advancements as well as modifications to best fit everyone in the room. Our community is encouraging, motivating, and most importantly supportive.”

Thanks so much, Kellian, for introducing me to The Barre Code!!

P.S. Through the month of January, The Barre Code is hosting a challenge called the Resolution Remix. The goal is to encourage clients, both new and existing, to try all of TBC’s different class styles, as well as to take some self care days. Stop by the studio or their website to learn more!

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