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Pop Up Preschool with the Seventeenth Radish | Common Ground

During Mobile Preschool programming, your child will explore a new topic each week.

Teachers will guide your child to approach each theme through various play-based activities. The lesson plans incorporate music, reading, math, sensory exploration, and art to introduce your child to each field of science in a fun, age-appropriate way.

Tickets available at: https://www.seventeenthradish.com/deals/pop-up-preschool-common-ground

*Parents drop off in the upstairs event room but remain on site at the cafe.
**Exceptions to the suggested age range can be made to allow siblings to attend the same session if they fall in different age groups. Please notify us in the notes at check out if you would like to register a child for a time out of the range or email us at [email protected]

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Open house and free play date

Madison Waldorf School is hosting an Open House this Saturday February 3rd. You can see classrooms, visit with teachers and other parents, and learn more about Waldorf education at MWS. Children 0-5 are invited to experience our Playgroup for free during the Open House.

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That Time I Failed You

Let’s be honest – I fail at motherhood about 100 times a day. Too much Daniel Tiger before school, frozen waffles for breakfast, forgetting backpacks or snacks or water bottles on the way out the door, losing my temper when someone just wanted my attention or just plain having a bad day. I know these […]

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Why Ya Gotta Be So Cruel?

My almost-4 –year-old started preschool up again last month. When I picked him up on the playground, instead of running gleefully into my arms like he hadn’t seen me in 3 hours, he ran the OPPOSITE direction screaming, “HELP! Get away from me! I don’t want to see you!” like I was a monster coming […]

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