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Let Kids Spend Their Own Money

A dollar or two here. A dollar or two there. Kids tend to accumlate small amounts of cash from many sources: allowances, gifts on special occasions, grandparents, small jobs done outside the purview of chores, and more. My kid tends to have me put a lot of the money he is given or earns into […]

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Kindness Book Club

Have you ever wanted to learn how to facilitate love of reading and deepen knowledge of text but don’t know how? Have a hard time engaging your kid in meaningful connection through reading? Just don’t know how to do a parent/kid book read? Want to increase the kindness in your home and heart? Want to share ideas of kindness and books with other parents and kids?

In our three-week book course, we will:

read the book, The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo https://www.katedicamillo.com/books/edward.html

discuss the transformation of Edward and how kindness, love and emotional self-awareness transform Edward

make text to text, text to self, and text to world connections

have discussions and dialogue that are launched from the literature

create kindness projects that translate to home

teach kids and parents how kindness works in our brains and bodies

create a space to have meaningful parent/child connection with books and each other, a peaceful place to slow down and really make social/emotional connections that matter

Register at www.therootedfamily.com and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Please consider spreading the love and support of local business Beans and Cream and purchasing a beverage or food item!

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With My Little Girl Asleep At My Side

It’s 3am. I can feel Kennedy’s little feet curling under my back. Even with my eyes closed, I can tell that I am no longer sleeping in the same position I was when I went to bed. I’ve once again managed to contort in a fashion I could never obtain in yoga class, but somehow […]

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Love records

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Times they are a-changin’ in my life: College-age daughter has her own apartment, oldest son is graduating from high school next month, and the youngest is taking driver’s education. The other day I was thinking how the house was quiet. Part of me breathed a sigh of relief and relished the calm. But then I […]

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Are We There Yet?

You guys, I should have been more prepared this time. I feel like I am in a brand new world filled with danger at every turn. I feel like I am walking with wide-eyed fear around every corner of our house, waiting for that scary masked dude to jump out and grab me. What’s even […]

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To the Families of Summer

Melting snow and glimpses of warmer weather — hooray! — especially for young parents starting to think about summer (I mean, living in cold, cold weather – we gotta have something to look forward to when we haven’t seen the sun for weeks). I can remember being overwhelmed when my children were in elementary school […]

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Kid Math: When MORE Kids Equals LESS Work

Let’s talk about one of the weirdest universal truths of parenthood: kid math. I am not talking about some new addition strategy your elementary schooler has to teach you so you can help them with their homework. Although, believe me, I have been there. It’s actually kind of amazing to have your nine-year-old open their […]

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The ABCs of Raising Teens

Musings and encouragement (some humorous, some painfully true) from a mom who has survived 3 teenagers simultaneously the past 3 years (and hoping I didn’t totally screw them up — fingers crossed!) A is for asking open-ended questions (you gotta try to get them to talk) B is for beating yourself up (cuz ya’ will, […]

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