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Community Wellness Fair

The Community Wellness Fair brings together multiple modalities of health and well-being to this one day fair, focused on holistic health, wellness, mind, body and spirit. This event offers the opportunity to hear and experience many activities in one place; Tai chi, yoga, dance, posture, exercise, healthy snacks, nutrition, stress management, nature, arthritis support, movement, non-violent communication and more! The fair will have seminars and exhibitions all afternoon at the Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center on Jenifer Street.

• FREE Admission for All Ages
• Family-Friendly
• Fantastic Giveaways
There is something for everyone to try.

Sign language interpretation is available. Wil-Mar is an accessible space.

Be sure to visit the fair website www.mawcfair.weebly.com for more information.

Sponsored by; Madison Area Wellness Collective, UW-ADEPT, UNI, Dane County Time Bank.

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17 recipes

17 Recipes to Help You Soar in 2017

Like most of us, I am looking forward to 2017 with the hope that comes from fresh starts and new beginnings. I’m pretty sure no one said “whew, 2016 what an easy year”. All of us can get behind a new year and new hope. In honor of the new year I have put together […]

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Mother Donor

No matter what your path to become a mother included (adoption, IVF, pregnancy, birth, etc.), the journey most certainly included bravery. Can you just own it mamas? You are brave. You were brave in the past, you are brave in the present, and you will be brave in the future. Being a mother has required […]

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Family and Mental Illness: Awareness as Mothers

As mothers, we are presented with information and screening information on Postpartum Depression after we give birth. Our physicians may also let our partners/spouses know warning signs for postpartum depression. However, as mothers, we don’t know whether or not 10, 15, or 20+ years from now we may be navigating mental illness and mental health concerns […]

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Fruity Fun Smoothies

Well it’s still summer and we still have some happy, hot days before us. Cool down with this yummy and fun smoothie, packed with superfoods. Guaranteed to be loved by everyone…even spinach haters! Fruity Fun Smoothies Ingredients: 2 Bananas, Frozen 2 cup raw Strawberries ½ cup fresh Spinach ¼ cup Shredded (raw) Beet 2 cup […]

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My Body Acceptance Journey

A little while ago, Jessica wrote a blog post about Loving your Post-Pregnancy Body.  I have always wanted to write about my journey, but never had the guts to “put ink to paper” or my fingers to keyboard.  She inspired me to go for it! (Thanks Jessica!!)  I am no expert on this topic either, […]

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{HELP} My Toddler has an Obsession

My daughter has an unhealthy obsession with squeeze pouches! If it was up to her that would be all she would eat all day long. Yes- they can be healthy depending on the brand and I enjoy the convenience factor, however, they can be costly- especially if your child is like mine and constantly requests […]

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