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Well Crap, She’s a Tween

  You know how we hear all the time when our kids are little that it’s going to be okay? Did you mess up and yell at them? Have a hard day? Literally accidentally step on their foot or cut off the tip of their finger in a door slamming incident? (That’s a story for […]

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Sleep-Away Camp: Yay or Nay?

It’s March! How did the first two months of the year fly by already? Many parents are thinking of or already completely stressing about summer plans and summer care for their school-aged kids. For some parents those plans may involve deciding if this summer is the summer to send a kid to sleep-away camp. I longed to go […]

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My Baby Isn’t a Baby Anymore

If I get through writing this post without tears streaming down my face, I’ll have impressed myself. See, this is a subject that gets me Every. Single. Time. My baby isn’t a baby anymore. Sure, he’s still little, and of course he still needs me, and of course he’ll ALWAYS be my “baby”. But he’s […]

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