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SAFE Women’s Self Defense Series

Learn some basic, accessible, and effective self defense maneuvers at our next SAFE Series. Everyone should have a toolbox of self defense skills! Do you think you could use some pointers? Learn to find your voice and personal power! This 6-hour workshop is taught by 4th degree female black belt Ali Treviño-Murphy. Learn how to: (1) recognize and avoid dangerous situations, (2) strike for power and accuracy, and (3) escape various grabs and holds. Class includes 4 hours of experiential practice with trained male attackers.

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Create your own in home gym oasis

It is dreary and dark by the time we get home from daycare. Upon entering our house all I want is to do is throw sweats on, hunker down with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. But I know that I will feel better if I continue to stay motivated. I used my resources aka my […]

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A family on the go!

Getting the Most out of your Gym Membership

There are some people in this world that get their workout in – day in and day out. They go to the gym at the same time every single day, run a 5K on the treadmill, go-to-town on the elliptical machine, do strength training and get their money’s worth out of their gym membership. Then, […]

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Pure Barre

**Disclaimer: I received free service in exchange for this post – but these thoughts and feelings are my own and I would not write something I did not believe to be true.  Just minutes from my destination and I am having flashbacks of pink and black leotards, tutus and Tchaikovsky streaming through the room. However, […]

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