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Regrets of Summer – Do I Want a Do-over?

The kids are back in school and I am, for the second year in a row, happy to see them go. My youngest started kindergarten and I wish she and her teachers a wonderful school year. Godspeed to my new college freshman and to my high schooler, new middle schooler and elementary kid. Good luck […]

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Let Kids Spend Their Own Money

A dollar or two here. A dollar or two there. Kids tend to accumlate small amounts of cash from many sources: allowances, gifts on special occasions, grandparents, small jobs done outside the purview of chores, and more. My kid tends to have me put a lot of the money he is given or earns into […]

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Loving life right where we are. (Photo by Indian Summer Photography)

We’re Not Moving to the Suburbs

I grew up in a local Madison area suburban neighborhood. It had sprawling houses, similar families, organized events, and plenty of neighborhood ordinances to keep it aesthetically pleasing. You recognized whose car was pulling into the neighborhood on the commute home. There was no outside traffic, no real crime, and neighbors saved our favorite candies […]

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Beware of Dog (Will Make You Love It)

When I met my now husband we would dream of our life together; there was no question that we would have a dog. When we got married we moved into our first home – literally with a white picket fence – which in our minds just needed a puppy.  Hubby researched what type of breed would be good for […]

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The Guilt In Accepting Help

Before the arrival of our second son, a short sixteen months after taking his brother home, I worried a lot about how I would manage having a newborn and a toddler who had recently learned how to walk. I remembered being stuck under my firstborn for what seemed like hours on end nursing. While doing […]

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Love records

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Times they are a-changin’ in my life: College-age daughter has her own apartment, oldest son is graduating from high school next month, and the youngest is taking driver’s education. The other day I was thinking how the house was quiet. Part of me breathed a sigh of relief and relished the calm. But then I […]

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Picture Books: Keep Reading to Older Kids

The past few months, I’ve really struggled to make sure to read aloud to my son. Right now my mid-elementary school son is fully engrossed in his own reading of lots of chapter books, graphic novels, and tons of non-fiction titles (here’s looking at you every volume of The Guiness Book of World Records). He never […]

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