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The Story of a Baby Scrapbook

This tale is of a lesson learned by one mom, intended to inspire and encourage any other mom or dad who may be finding themselves in this same predicament. You see, baby books didn’t work for me. Let me explain: I’m a list-maker, detail-oriented, and pretty type-A. So, when I was filling out the treasured […]

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11 Ways to Create an Awesome Kid’s Table

I think my kiddos are finally old enough to take that leap to a kid’s table for upcoming holiday family celebrations. They no longer need me to feed them (although the five year old might argue with that) and honestly I think it will be fun for the kids and the grown-ups. A table within […]

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DIY Bunny Garland

Here’s an easy, but adorable DIY Bunny Garland you can do with your kiddos to help make your home a little festive for Easter!  The great thing is you can customize this garland with what you got lying around or head on over to a craft store for minimal items. Materials Needed:  Paper/cardstock, bunny template, […]

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Create Homemade Organic Lip Balm

What is coconut oil? What is with the hype? So many articles are talking about this multi-functional product. It can be eaten, de-frizz your hair and is a main ingredient in many homemade beauty products. A friend & colleague of mine has been infatuated with coconut oil and the 101 ways you can use it. […]

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