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Food Is Our Love Language

Years ago I spent the day canning homemade applesauce. After a full day of labor, my then four year old took one taste of it and shuddered. With a look of pure disgust on his face, he asked me what I had put in it. I rolled my eyes and simply responded, “love.” He looked […]

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Melted Butter: Owning My Mess

On a recent Friday when my son did not have school, we had a set agenda we’d decided on together the night before: bake cookies, play with a friend, workout (for me!), ride our bikes (nearly 7 miles round trip in 90 degree weather) to get frozen yogurt, and watch a requested movie.  Nowhere in […]

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ice cream

Ice Cream: Summer’s NOT Over Yet

Summer is NOT over. Despite what the retail stores want you to believe with their end of summer clearance sales. Despite what the craft stores want you to believe with pumpkins, colorful leaves, and scarecrows everywhere. Despite what the messages from your child’s school are making you believe. Despite what some websites and Facebook pages […]

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What’s For Dinner?

Those 4 little words that no mom wants to hear:  What’s for dinner tonight? I take that back– sometimes I like hearing those words, like when they’re spoken by my 8 or 9-year-old sons as they burst through the door from the garage and fling their backpacks on the laundry room floor and dump playground […]

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Berry Breakfast Parfaits

“Ugh, I want to do healthy breakfasts but it’s hard. Everyone is in a hurry, my kids hate eggs and oatmeal and so it’s usually cereal.” I hear some form of this comment quite often from parents. I get it. Somedays fast wins out over healthy because the alternative is no breakfast at all. No matter how much […]

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Sandwich Sushi

The Sandwich…an important part of American cuisine. So many possibilities and yet they can get a little mundane and repetitive. How about sprucing that sandwich up by turning it into sushi?!  My kids love sandwich sushi – I can almost put anything in it and they’ll think its amazing. Maybe it’s the round, bite sized […]

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Carrot Cake Breakfast Muffins

  This recipe is so easy it’s almost unfair how delicious it tastes. Carrot cake that has only a few ingredients, is crazy-healthy and makes the perfect breakfast. A yummy way to eat veggies for breakfast. Bonus, kid’s love helping make this recipe! Carrot Cake Breakfast Muffins Ingredients: 1 large Carrot, washed and pealed 1 1/2 […]

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Five Ways to Teach Healthy Eating Outside the Kitchen

Teaching our children about healthy food and how it nourishes them is important to their development. Obviously having our children help us in the kitchen is a wonderful way and will connect them to the food they put in their mouthes in a meaningful way (check out my cooking with kids 101 for tips on this). There […]

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Snack Attack {25 Baby and Toddler Snacks}

Babies and toddlers are just beginning their adventures with food. Starting them out with real, healthy food can help pave the way for a healthy relationship with food and long and healthful life. Yet this can be a challenge in today’s world where the demands of family and life often leave us little time. The benefits […]

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More Healthy Holiday Snacks

It’s a fun and festive time of year and the perfect chance to get your kiddos in the kitchen. Last year I shared some fun holiday snack recipes and this year I have even more to share with you. Big on healthy but not short on taste and fun!   Veggie Evergreen Ingredients: Cucumber Celery Mini […]

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Caramel Pumpkin Granola

It’s mid-November (although it feels like January here in Wisconsin) and Pumpkins are still in style and living it up in the limelight! Here is one of my favorite recipes using pumpkin. It’s a great recipe to have the kid’s help you with – they love whisking and mixing! This makes the perfect addition to yogurt or […]

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