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Gifts That Take Up No Space

My family doesn’t need any gifts of things take up more space. Does yours? We don’t need more marbles or marble runs (the things that my son plays with constantly). We don’t need more games. I don’t need more kitchen stuff. My husband probably doesn’t need more CDs. I often try to think of gifts […]

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Dear Elf on the Shelf,

Dear Elf on the Shelf, Now that Christmas is a mere few weeks away, you will no doubt be arriving at the houses of many boys and girls.  You have already been at the end cap of the Target aisle for a month now, with your smiling face, just begging for parents to take you […]

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How To Cope With Holiday Stress

The holidays are always something to look forward and at the same time they can also bring a lot of stress and anxiety. Every year I learn a little bit more about how to approach the holidays. Before I had kids, I really had nothing to worry about. I just showed up to enjoy the […]

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