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Safety Day at Wilde East Towne Honda

Wilde East Towne Honda hosts our fourth annual community event focusing on different aspects of safety. The safety day is aimed to introduce bike and automotive safety to children and their families in a positive, supportive atmosphere.

In partnership with Operation Kidsafe, we will be providing free and confidential bio-documents with fingerprint scanning for children. This can be utilized in the event that something were to happen to a child, as the document can be provided to law enforcement. Representatives from the Police Department, Fire Department, and Paramedics will also be making appearances to provide additional learning opportunities for families attending the event.

As in the past, Wilde East Towne Honda will provide family-friendly entertainment during the day, including but not limited to zoo animals, face painting, bouncy houses, a photo booth, karate demonstrations, and mascots. There will also be free food provided during the lunch hours.

Families will have the opportunity to earn raffle prizes by participating in the different activities. Prizes include donations from local Madison and Sun Prairie businesses, such as a one-year, family membership to the YMCA, a class pass to Dragonfly Hot Yoga, four tickets to the Madison Capitols game, and much more! RSVP on Eventbrite, Hula Frog or Facebook to earn bonus raffle prizes!

We hope to see you at our event this year. If you have any questions or concerns about the event, you can call Wilde East Towne Honda’s Communications Intern, Mckenzie Halling at 608-316-2399.

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McFarland Family Festival

Three day community festival featuring live music, magicians, carnival, games, car show, parade, karaoke, children’s athletic activities, free yoga, Bocce Demonstrations, Saturday evening movie showing (Monster’s University.) Will also be showing live Badgers and Packers football games on outdoor screen.

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Regrets of Summer – Do I Want a Do-over?

The kids are back in school and I am, for the second year in a row, happy to see them go. My youngest started kindergarten and I wish she and her teachers a wonderful school year. Godspeed to my new college freshman and to my high schooler, new middle schooler and elementary kid. Good luck […]

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Beware of Dog (Will Make You Love It)

When I met my now husband we would dream of our life together; there was no question that we would have a dog. When we got married we moved into our first home – literally with a white picket fence – which in our minds just needed a puppy.  Hubby researched what type of breed would be good for […]

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Kid Math: When MORE Kids Equals LESS Work

Let’s talk about one of the weirdest universal truths of parenthood: kid math. I am not talking about some new addition strategy your elementary schooler has to teach you so you can help them with their homework. Although, believe me, I have been there. It’s actually kind of amazing to have your nine-year-old open their […]

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Adoption-Do You Have What it Takes?

Yep, we are “that” family. That family that you see in public and wonder how much we spend on groceries. We are the family that makes you wonder if we are a little crazy. Are we unusual? Somewhat. Growing our family through adoption after having four biological kids is a bit unusual. But it is […]

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Gifts That Take Up No Space

My family doesn’t need any gifts of things take up more space. Does yours? We don’t need more marbles or marble runs (the things that my son plays with constantly). We don’t need more games. I don’t need more kitchen stuff. My husband probably doesn’t need more CDs. I often try to think of gifts […]

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The Guilt Of Three

Mom Guilt is no secret. I’ve had it plenty of times in my three years of momming. I’m sure you’ve had it, too. So many parts of motherhood can be hard. And I’ve heard the adjustment from two to three kids can be similar to the adjustment to one (AKA: ULTRA-HARD). But I didn’t spend […]

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It’s Not What I Thought it Would Be-It’s Better

This time last year I announced that our family would be adopting a child with Down syndrome. I think back to that time and realize just how much I’ve learned since then. In preparation for such a huge transition, I did as much research as I could, connected with moms in the community, and became part […]

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