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My Favorite Natural Beauty Products

When I got pregnant, I became much more aware of what I was putting both in and on my body. I took the food rules very seriously and was super conscious of everything that could potentially harm my unborn child. Aside from learning more about the foods that could be harmful, I read up on […]

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the thing

The Thing About Beauty

  Beauty. What is it? What is it when it pertains to our daughters, to our nieces, to our grand-daughters? In today’s world beauty is so defined. So rigid and unforgiving. A certain coloring. A certain size. Nothing too big. Nothing too small. Nothing too hairy. Nothing without enough hair…It’s exhausting. I know this isn’t […]

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On Beauty

On a recent Friday afternoon, my son was home from school. He’d been sick on Thursday (fever, chills, lethargy, vomiting… the works!) and while he was symptom free on Friday, he still needed to be home due to the 24-hour-rule. I worked Friday morning while he hung out with my husband who was already off […]

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