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Do you ever wake up feeling tired or groggy even after what should have been a restful night of sleep? Or do you sometimes feel more tired than you did before you even went to sleep?! If you answered yes to either of those questions, you definitely aren’t alone. Getting a good night sleep is challenging for parents, yet we are the ones who need the rest the most! For those parents out there who rely on an alarm clock to wake you up for the day, you will will be excited to learn about a new smart alarm clock available within Verlo’s suite of personalized sleep solutions, (which also includes mattresses, pillows and now the latest in sleep monitoring). 

The new smart alarm clock monitors the user’s heart rate, breathing and movement to identify sleep phases and uses industry-leading technology and unrivaled accuracy to calculate the best time possible for starting the day, making it the world’s smartest alarm clock.

Since waking up during the right sleep phase can mean the difference between waking up feeling rested and refreshed or waking up feeling groggy, the SmartWake alarm wakes users during a light sleep phase, the optimal time for waking, within a selected time range (ex: 6-6:30 a.m.). This allows users to use their  sleep cycles to their advantage and wake up at the best time so it’s easier to start their day!

You’re probably wondering what something like this looks like. I’ll tell you right now that the technology is cutting edge. It is packaged along the lines of something you would expect to see on the shelves at the Apple Store. And the device itself does not disappoint! The SmartWake sensor is a small disc-like device that you place underneath you mattress. You are able to sync it to your smartphone and the data collected is communicated via Bluetooth to the SmartWake App on your  synced smartphone. It’s easy to set up and easy to use. 

In addition to the alarm function, SmartWake helps you to monitor and understand your sleep patterns so you can improve your sleep habits. It generates a personalized sleep report that includes heart rate, respiration rate, sleep duration, time to fall asleep, movement, sleep phases, time awake and time in bed. It also provides daily sleep tips based on the automatic detection of sleep patterns, and a personalized sleep score to help you improve your overall sleep quality.

I know that some of you are probably thinking that you don’t need this since you have a child who wakes you up every morning (that’s what I thought, too!). But I would encourage you to give it a shot – it truly is a sure-fire way to improve your sleep habits and to assist in waking up feeling recharged and ready to take on the day!

The SmartWake is available for purchase at any Verlo Mattress Store – including a couple locations right here in Madison conveniently located both on the east side and west sides of town!

Visit http://smartwakesupport.com/ for the User Manual, FAQs and other information.

Watch this video to learn how SmartWake works:

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