Repurpose Jewels


m5I love costume jewelry! Statement necklaces are very popular and you can find everywhere. At around $10-20 for a necklace expectations of longevity are irrelevant.  When one of them breaks of course I am bummed but instead of tossing the jewelry have you considered repurposing? Have you lost one of your favorite earrings and hope the 2nd will magically appear? Or do you have jewelry you no longer wear or just don’t like?

Turn your broken/unused jewelry into decor around your house. I used my trusty glue gun and super glue depending on surface and strength needed

  • Dress up a picture frame


  • Make a jewelry or coat hanger by decorating existing knobs with jewelry
  • Update dresser knobs
  • Make kitchen magnets
  • Make fun napkin rings (seen below)


  • Decorate a candle holder or lid
  • Decorate pumpkins fake or real
  • Dress up a letter- I did an M for my daughter. Find these wooden or cardboard letters at the craft store.


  • Make holiday ornaments simply by stringing ribbon through or gluing ribbon to the back
  • Boarder a mirror
  • Decorate the outside of mason jars
  • Spice up bobby pins by adding faux pearls
  • Make a brooch to wear on your coat or sweater

Next time your necklace or bracelet breaks just think of what you can turn it into!


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