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*This is a sponsored post – we love the opportunity to work locally with businesses who we feel are of value to our readers!

Calling all women who are currently trying or planning to start conceiving! We have an exciting new business to share with you all. Pregnancy Test Supply is an online business started & located right here in Wisconsin. They carry the largest online selection of pregnancy & ovulation test kits with products to fit every budget. From midstreams to cassettes, and strips – they truly have a huge selection! Most of their orders ship same day so you get your testing supplies faster because as we all know… when you are trying to get pregnant, timing is everything!

Pregnancy Test Supply also has a Learn & Share Blog so that their customers can read and comment together and share experiences. Since this is a locally owned business, excellent customer service is very important to them. They offer online chat for immediate service from anywhere on your phone, tablet, or PC and welcome all customer reviews for all of their products.

As part of their huge selection, they carry the ultra sensitive pregnancy test strips that detect HCG at 10mIU/ml as well as the very popular pregnancy test midstreams that detect HCG at less than 20mIU/ml. These midstreams are fantastic! Because pregnancy and conception can be a private time in your lives, they ship in discrete packaging so that no one can see what you have ordered!

As someone who struggled to conceive and experienced years of infertility treatments, I only wish I had known about Pregnancy Test Supply sooner. I felt like I went through hundreds of pregnancy tests (and thus A LOT of money!!) before I got the one positive result. This is a great way to save money on those tests and to buy high quality, local supplies! She is also offering FREE SHIPPING to all readers who order from her site with a purchase of $14.95 or more – simply use promo code: FREEshipping at checkout.

This is truly a wonderful business and we are excited that it was started right here in Wisconsin!


My name is Shona Wasniak, founder of Pregnancy Test Supply. I am 37 years old, mom to one son that is turning 18 this month and graduating from high school! I am also expecting a baby in June, 2016, after two years of infertility. During the two years that my husband & I struggled to conceive, I decided to quit my job as a nurse and start this business to help others by providing excellent conception products and an interactive blog so we can all connect. Not being able to get pregnant was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. When I sought support online from others, it was so helpful to know that I wasn’t alone in my struggle. If you would like to read more about me and my experiences, I have posted a few personal trying to conceive stories of my own on my blog!

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