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Being a mom is a HUGE part of my identity, but as a mom of two young children, I don’t often get the opportunity to pamper myself. Wipe tiny faces? Yes. Clean up gazillions of toys? Yes. Give thousands of hugs and kisses? YES! But doing something for myself, JUST for myself, is a novelty.

That’s why I was beyond excited to hear about LightRx Face & Body, a clinic at Greenway Station offering body contouring, skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal treatments. The experts at LightRx work with clients to customize a treatment plan that will help target specific areas of their body. Stretch marks? Cellulite? Belly fat? Unwanted hair? These are all concerns that LightRx can address through their FDA-cleared technology.

Today was my first appointment at LightRx and I had NO idea what to expect. I was scheduled for a 30 minute initial consultation with Jody, the Clinic Director. I came armed with questions about each treatment and an open mind.

When I first walked in the door, Jody greeted me warmly and welcomed me to the clinic. The lobby was filled with sunlight and spotlessly clean (an absolute must for my OCD brain).

Shortly after my arrival, Jody took me down the main hallway into the consultation room, a small office-type space with a plethora of information about the services they offer. There is SO much information that it would be completely overwhelming without the support of Jody. She walked me through each treatment option one at a time, explaining exactly how the treatment works, how it targets certain areas of the body and patiently answering my questions along the way.

It’s not easy talking freely about your body insecurities but Jody made me feel totally comfortable as we chatted about things that might otherwise feel embarrassing. I never felt self-conscious the entire appointment, even as she examined my belly, the area I am hoping to target with treatment.

After learning more about each option, I decided to try their “Treat2Complete” plan, one of their most popular options. It involves two non-invasive treatments– SculpSure that targets, and destroys fat cells in a specific area (in my case, my abdomen) and a Venus Legacy treatment that helps tighten skin through radio frequency. In total, I will have 2 SculpSure treatments and 8 Venus Legacy treatments!

Here I go!

Tomorrow I will head back into the clinic for my very first Venus Legacy treatment. I can’t wait! It is such a treat to be able to pamper myself and do something just for ME for a change. I am looking forward to sharing my journey with

If you’d like to treat yourself to an amazing face or body treatment, visit LightRx Madison for more information. Added bonus: $250 off ANY package!

1701 Deming Way – Suite 114 | Middleton
(608) 729-0932
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**This post is sponsored by LightRX Face & Body, but it documents our own experience and the thoughts are our own. We would only partner with brands we personally use and recommend**

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