Madison Area Preschool Guide 2018

We’re lucky to have so many fabulous preschools in the Madison area! Below you will find a comprehensive list of Madison area preschools, sorted by location: East Side (including Sun Prairie and McFarland), Downtown Area, Near West Side (including Fitchburg and Verona), and Far West Side (including Middleton and Waunakee). We've also highlighted some of our [...]
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Odd One Out – Struggles of a Larger Family

We are a family of five. I would not change anything about our family. But sometimes the struggle is real. Here are the top seven reasons why it is HARD to be a family of five. 7. Hotel rooms. It seems like the maximum occupants is four. Or you can only book locations that have […]

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I’m Thankful for 2017

The year is at an end and many people aren’t too happy with popular events of 2017. Personally, 2017 has been one of the most trying years of my life and as a mom. But instead of following the trendy way to meet those challenges with a negative article complaining about all of these hardships, […]

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January Days To Celebrate

January can be a rough month. You are trying to get back to normal life after all of the excitement from the holidays and it can end up being a blah kind of month. Not to mention that when living in the midwest it makes for more trying times with the cold weather. We all […]

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Chasing the Simple Life

Sometime in 2016 I began to feel this sadness for how fast time seemed to fly by. I began to ache for less of the daily grind and more time spent enjoying the simplicity of the every day moments. I found myself craving something I couldn’t quite put my finger on. It was during this […]

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Mad(ison) Science for Kids and Families

Madison is a town rich in educational opportunities for kids and families. It is definitely not short on science activities, venues, and events that strive to make science accessible to children of all ages. Below is a (likely non-exhaustive) list of places and activities for families to experience science together. Toward the end I also […]

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love's labor

Love’s Labor Found

Remaking motherhood from work to love.             It’s dark. It’s cold. It’s gloomy. Every day is shorter than the one that came before it, and everyday my to-do lost is longer than it was yesterday. It’s easy to get out of sorts this busy season, to let shopping make us grouchy, to complain about a […]

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Am I Doing This Wrong?

Am I Doing This Wrong?

Am I doing this wrong? I feel like there are days, weeks, and sometimes even months where I question pretty much every parenting decision I make. The thing that keeps running through my mind is I don’t want to raise a spoiled, entitled child. But my oldest, who is 3, is a very spirited child. […]

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