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Critical Life Skills for Any Parent

There are a few critical things, that all parents should teach their kids early on. You probably can already name a few –  Riding a bike. Swimming. Getting dressed. But two of the most critical skills (and most difficult to teach, might I add) are wiping after going to the bathroom, and blowing their nose. […]

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Motherhood is an amazing yet difficult journey. Taking care of me allows me to fully take care of others. Photo Credit Raspberry Lane Photography

Taking Care of Me in Motherhood

I remember sitting in birth class before having Kennedy and the instructor asked each of us how we would care for ourselves after delivery. Many mentioned weekly yoga classes or date nights. Some even said they’d hire a babysitter once a week so they could have some solo time. One mom said it would be […]

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Bujo FTW

Bujo is one of my favorite four-letter words. If you aren’t familiar, “bujo” stands for “bulletjournal,” which is basically a straightforward yet flexible system for tracking tasks, activities, and goals. The core design includes a layout for the year, followed by the current month, week, and day. One of bujo’s biggest benefits is that it’s […]

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A Madison Moms’ Guide to June 2018

If you are looking for a guide to keep you and your family entertained, we have got you covered! We’ve started a monthly events guide to be sure you don’t miss a thing happening around the Madison area. Here are this month’s “need to know” activities. The Mombassadors for our Neighborhood Groups organize monthly meet-ups, so be […]

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2018 Summer of Bucky | #BuckyOnParade

Hellllllo SUMMER and hello BUCKY! If you’ve left your house or tuned into your social media channels this month, then you’ve noticed that Bucky is everywhere. No, seriously – he is EVERYWHERE in Madison. 85 locations to be exact! Bucky on Parade is a free public art event running from May 7­–September 12, 2018. Local and […]

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Baby's finger wrapped around mom's

These Are The Days You’ll Forget

You assumed motherhood would be easier the second time around. You were wrong. Going from none to one was such a huge transition that you existed in a hormonal daze for weeks, maybe even months. You ran on the fumes of novelty. That fourth trimester was a magical mess you look back on fondly. When […]

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I’m the Mom Who Doesn’t Craft with Her Kids

Yep, that’s me. Sorry, not sorry. Crafting gives me anxiety. There, I said it. It’s such a relief to have it out there. Please don’t send me hate mail. Just thinking about glue, glitter, glittery glue, pom poms, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, AHHHHH! I can craft an article. I can sing in tune. I can […]

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