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5 Resolutions I’m NOT Making This Year

It’s that time of year again. The time when everyone starts falling off their resolution bandwagon and becomes grouchy and depressed. In addition, here in the Midwest anyway, we’re past the excitement of the holidays and while it feels like spring should be nearly here we’re still multiple cold, damp, grey months away from warmer […]

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You Are a Great Mom

How often do you find yourself running around feeling like you don’t have it all together? Always behind, not giving enough time to your family, and definitely not feeling in the moment with your kids? Then you get to work and you still  feel behind, like you’re not giving enough time to your work, and […]

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The Missing Voice in Parenting

There are so many distinct voices to be heard when it comes to parenting. So many identities, narratives, and experiences to learn from. The connected world we live in allows us to be privy to the struggles, successes, and stories of the parents around us. Goodness knows I’ve found my fair share of chronicles to […]

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Meal Tips

Meal Tips for People Who Hate Cooking

Cooking used to be a bit of a four-letter word at our house. Neither my partner nor I particularly enjoy it, and when you combine our general disinterest with time constraints and picky palates, cooking becomes a chore. Though I don’t think I’ll ever full-on love cooking, I definitely don’t mind it anymore, so I […]

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Embracing the Darkness- AKA Winter

I woke up this morning to the peaceful darkness of the untouched white frosting across the ground, the trees, and on the tops of my neighbors’ houses. It had snowed several inches since yesterday afternoon and throughout the night. Fresh fallen snow is by far my favorite part of the winter, but I don’t usually […]

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Adoption-Do You Have What it Takes?

Yep, we are “that” family. That family that you see in public and wonder how much we spend on groceries. We are the family that makes you wonder if we are a little crazy. Are we unusual? Somewhat. Growing our family through adoption after having four biological kids is a bit unusual. But it is […]

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Make Your Life Easier: Say Yes to Help!

We have been teaching our children to ask for help when they have a problem or can’t do something alone. In fact, I am so adamant that they ask for help and say “please,” when they simply tell me about a problem, I ask them what they should do to get help. I don’t want […]

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Madison Area Preschool Guide 2018

We’re lucky to have so many fabulous preschools in the Madison area! Below you will find a comprehensive list of Madison area preschools, sorted by location: East Side (including Sun Prairie and McFarland), Downtown Area, Near West Side (including Fitchburg and Verona), and Far West Side (including Middleton and Waunakee). We've also highlighted some of our [...]
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