Odd One Out – Struggles of a Larger Family

We are a family of five. I would not change anything about our family. But sometimes the struggle is real. Here are the top seven reasons why it is HARD to be a family of five.

7. Hotel rooms. It seems like the maximum occupants is four. Or you can only book locations that have suite style rooms. Or you book a separate room- you know, for your twin three-year old’s. 

6. Restaurant tables.  Either the table is too big (think banquet style table) or the booth is just a bit too cozy for your squirmy kids and their sticky fingers.

5. Roller coasters. Now, you can try banking on the fact that one person might not like them, but if everyone wants to go, someone ALWAYS sits by themselves. 

4. Airplanes. You can’t all sit in the same row. So it’s a toss up- put your kids together and pretend they don’t belong to you? Stick your eldest by herself and have her talk the ear off of the kind woman next to her? Or what we tend to end up with- divide and conquer.

3. The noise level. Everyone needs to be talking. All the time. This might not be a family of five thing, it might just be our own issue. But the odds are the more people, the more noise.

2. Vehicles. We made the move to the minivan when we found out we were having twins. And I love it – I am not a minivan hater. But there was no way I was going to squeeze two infant seats and a toddler car seat in the back row of our Highlander. With a dog and the amount of stuff we take with us- no way. (Hats off to those who can do this though- you amaze me!)

1. Buying anything. You have one kid and it’s like – Oh sure, of course I can get you that smoothie on the way out of the store! You have three? Bye-bye paycheck. This goes for most situations that involve spending money.


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