Notes from Home: Revamp garage sale finds to fit your needs!

Melted Snow + Spring Cleaning = Garage Sale Season!

I just love a good garage sale!  Mostly because it is the best time to load up on stuff for the kids.  You know, those little people that get new clothes, shoes, bikes, sports gear, etc faster then you can say hippopotamus (OK, maybe not that fast). The kids love shopping at garage sales too!  It is probably because instead of the NO they normally hear in the store, they get to hear a SURE, YES, YOU GOT IT!

While the main purpose of me stopping at the garage sale might be for the kids, I also have a secret hidden agenda.  I like taking a quick look for anything that inspires me for a revamp (those pieces that you won’t find in everyone else’s home).

Last garage sale season I came across three of these beautiful knob  My daughter has been in a need of some hooks in her bedroom and these will be perfect!

Get Started:

blog garage sale beg

Too plain for my fashionista.

blog garage sale crackle

I went with the crackle look :                                                     Metallic Gold as base color and White as top color

The completed look:

blog garage sale end

Decided it needed a pop of color so I spray painted the knobs a hot pink.

This project turned out pretty adorable for a garage sale find and craft supplies laying around.  Sometimes, I just start projects and go with the flow. In this case I was not originally planning on painting the knobs, but in the end thought it would give the piece character.

Do you have a garage sale find item that you have revamped?  We would love to see pictures!

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