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Homework is never fun and it is always an ongoing battle for parents/kids. While I don’t have ideas on how to overcome the “how to make your child do homework” hurdle (not today anyway), I do have an idea to give them a special place they can call their own to do their homework. Find a space in your home that you can set up a little desk area. Whether it is in their bedroom, the study, the dining room, look for a space with low noise distractions (preferable without a tv in the room). It doesn’t have to be a custom built in desk by any means; but by giving them a fun work area, they will be able to spend their work time focusing on their homework vs. trying to keep their books/papers from falling off their lap.

The photo above is a great example of a fun, simple work space.

Some of my favorite parts of this space are:

*the framed master piece created by your child

*the pin board (with something your kids enjoy on it)

* clip board (with a special picture or spelling list clipped on it)

*a piece of yarn with clothes pins to easily hang their creations and achievements

(Yarn was attached with two nails. Leaving extra yarn on the ends to be wrapped around the nail head; making it incognito)

*the desk lamp, to provide ample lighting

*the fun containers to hold an endless supply of pencils and erasers

A few last notes to keep in mind: Have fun with the space and involve your child. Hang a picture of something your child loves; such as, butterflies, super heroes, tigers, etc. It will help in keeping them in a positive mood while they are working. Lastly, teach others in the family that while your student is at their desk that is their personal time and not play time!

Hope you have been inspired!



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