Notes from Home: Eight Inexpensive, DIY, Ways to Spruce up your Walls

1. Don’t be afraid to try to create your own canvas art. Canvas art can be expensive, why not give it a DIY try. Keep your eye out for sales or coupons from stores that sell Canvas and go for it. Look for something already created that inspires you to try to mimic it. My personal, none professional tip for recreating art is to look at it in layers starting with the base colors working toward the top main colors, overlap and blend colors. If it doesn’t turn out, paint it a solid color and give it another try. If it doesn’t turn out again, hand the brush over to the kids or attach some burlap material to it and use it as a pin board. Just promise you will hang it and give it sometime before you retry it, you will be your own worst critic.



2. Take a picture of a picture. Do you own a piece of art that you love already? Take a look at it again in sections instead of as a whole. Find a section you like the colors in then snap a picture of just that small section and frame it. This is a great way to bring back in the colors and texture into your space. It’s even better if you already have an empty frame laying around just waiting for something to put in it!

reuse pictures

3. Framing scrapbook paper, fabric, or wallpaper. This is a great way to bring fun colors, patterns, and texture into a space at a low cost. It is a guilt free wall art! It will look good now and in the future you won’t feel bad switching it out with something new and fresh or with some new amazing art you found on your last adventure.

framed scrap book paper and cheveron fabric

4. Use pictures that have meaning to you. Never quite sure what to do with those non kid pictures from your vacations? Next time you are looking back on old trips, pick out 6 or 9 of your favorites to make a wall collage with. I love the look of square sized    pictures; such as 10×10 or 12×12, putting three evenly spaced pictures horizontally and three or four rows vertically creates a large visual square on the wall. Hanging pictures of your favorite things/places on vacations will bring back those happy relaxing feelings; instantly putting you in a good mood as you pass by them day to day.

travel pictures

5. Frame minus matting and glass. Picture frames can be used without a picture in them. I love the look of a decorative picture frame on the wall with no glass or picture in it (just the outer frame). What would you put inside just a plain picture frame? Some things I have seen that have intrigued me: wall sculptures, coat hooks, small art canvas, or something as simple as a letter can be framed. Look at garage sales or a local resale shop for old framed art. The trick is to look past the picture and focus on just the shapes and details of the frames for something that inspires you. Remember that you can always paint the frame if you don’t like the color (I have found spray paint works the best).

frame of H

6. Staying informed. Looking for a way to bring a message board in for the family, without having just a plain old whiteboard on your wall? Reusing picture frames is again another good idea! Here are a couple similar but different ideas to do this:

  • Find a large picture frame that needs some love; take the picture/frame apart, paint the frame if you desire, replacing the picture and matting with wall paper, wrapping paper, or fabric, next clean the glass and put back together. Purchase some whiteboard or chalk markers to write your families important reminders on the glass. Could even be used to write special messages to your guest!
  • Using standard printer paper sized frames (8×10’s) allows you to easily print things such as “Natalie’s Weekly to do List:”, “Menu”, “Family Goals”, etc. on the top of paper, place the paper in the picture frame and write on the glass those to do list items, weekly meal plans, whatever message that needs to be conveyed to keep the family informed.

7. Join your kids next time they are painting. Have you ever opened a package to find a piece of brown recycled card stock on the bottom to help keep the structure and protect the product? Start saving them! If you have no idea what I am talking about, you may need to just pick up some watercolor paper next time you are out and about. The fun thing about art is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, just unique. Next time the kids are painting, jump in on the fun, take one of those card stocks you saved out of your last package (or watercolor paper), pick some fun colors and give creating your own art a try. The kids will love that you are painting with them!

cardboard pic

8. Kids Art. Are you surprised that I haven’t mentioned hanging the kid’s endless art yet. Well here it is and guess what…it doesn’t involve a pictures frame! Kid’s art and great achievements are always being created and with school starting the quantity is probably going to be expanding. To tackle kids art gracefully here are some of my suggestions: clip boards, shadow boxes, a clothes line (made of wire, twine or yarn) with clips, or a pin boards designated for each child. Did you catch that all those ways listed allow you to change art easily and fast? Sounds perfect to me!

clip board kids artIMG_0791shadowbox

Secret bonus idea. Rearrange! The most inexpensive way to update your space and give your room some new life is by just moving art you currently own around your home.  A picture you have tucked away in a hallway might look fabulous in your entryway; who says you have to keep it in the spot you originally purchased it for.  Rearranging and creating life will make you feel like you have a new room without spending a dime.

 Hope you have been inspired to spruce up those walls!



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  1. Jessica September 2, 2014 at 9:39 am #

    Love these ideas! I have a wall I have just recently started framing scrapbook paper and using it to make my own canvas art. So inexpensive and super fun!

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