Notes from Home: Boys Bedroom Inspirations

Looking to spruce up your boys bedroom with his new found interest?

When your children our younger, you tend to decorate based on your likes, or maybe not at all. When my son started showing strong interest at 2 ½ years towards tigers, it just happened to be the time we were setting up a big bed for him in his room. While the bed we placed in his room is huge, it what we had around the house; so for the time being it is perfect….until we can make our toy room a guest bedroom that is.  Back to Tigers….he loves them!He randomly gets down on all fours and growls at people, but lets them know he is a nice tiger. We also find him making cages around the house for himself, as well as, his toy tigers.

tigers in a cageWe adults like our bedrooms to be decorated in something that we enjoy and make us feel like it is our tranquil space; why not give your kids that feeling in their rooms too?

I knew I wanted to give him tigers in his bedroom, but didn’t want to over commit to a theme.

My idea of a theme bedroom is to keep it neutral with a touch of theme, making it easy to change in the future.


Three tiger pieces is all I used to make my little man happy:

tiger bedding

A duvet cover with animals, including a Tiger (purchased from Land of Nod). My tastes are to keep the sheets neutral when using a patterned duvet. If you choose to go with a more neutral duvet, then go theme with the sheets.



tiger clip board


A clip board, with an 8×10 of a picture of a Tiger (taken here at the Madison Zoo). The clipboard brings in browns and silver into the room, while still allowing an easy update in the future.

tiger pin board





A bulletin board, with a Tiger poster attached (came free in our Zooties Magazine). Again the bulletin boards theme can easily be changed in the future.





With all decorating projects in my house, I multitask…aka projects take places in stages. Here are some pictures of before, along the way, and currently. Followed by what I would still like to do down the road, after I “multitask” on a different project for a while.

before after corner

Before                                             After

brogans middle and end side wall

Painted dresser drawers chalkboard black, added numbers on drawers, changed out lamps to something more kid friendly.












before after wall

Top- Before picture (moved airplane art to corner wall) Bottom- In the works picture (brought in three tiger pieces, moved chevron canvas art and B onto this wall)

new bedroom wall

After: added some lamps and changed colors on hand painted chevron canvas to match bedding (his favorite colors)
















Future (rainy day) ideas for this space

-paint the bedroom’s walls a light gray

-paint the crates a gray, black and brown stripped.

-paint the long star board either yellow or orange and add hooks to it.

-change the pouf nook area into wall shelves and a desk working space.


Thanks for reading! Hope you have been inspired to create your child a special place of his own!

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  1. Kiera Willis December 9, 2014 at 12:17 am #

    Hi Natalie,

    I came across on your website, it is very helpful in terms on the bedroom inspirations for kids. Though I’m not living near your community but your blog is cool.

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