No More Guilt for Lazy Days

Mom guilt.

As if moms don’t have enough on their plates, now we feel guilty for many choices we make. I’ve felt guilty for letting my kids watch too many Elmo videos. And for them surviving off pancakes and syrup for days. Also for letting them scream through a quick grocery trip to Target while getting those looks.

Let me preface this: I have a 1-year-old and a 2½-year-old. Both of them are insanely busy and exhausting on even the best day. I love taking them to fun activities, running errands, and playing outside, but some days even those simple tasks are overwhelming. Being a mama who has suffered from both post-partum anxiety and depression, I eventually had to figure out a way to crawl out of the mindset that I’m somehow a “bad mom” for wanting to stay home. It was difficult for me to realize having two kids 18 months apart, and dealing with some personal struggles, was too much for me to deal with some days. I felt like I was failing at something that was supposed to be so normal.

One of the worst feelings is feeling like I’m not doing enough for my kids. Like if I don’t have every minute of every day planned, they aren’t learning and thriving. But through this guilt, it has taught me one huge lesson…


  • To build houses out of Legos.
  • To read the same books over and over.
  • To have a jam session on some Fisher Price instruments.
  • To watch a bug crawl on the window for 15 minutes.
  • To practice counting to twenty on repeat.
  • To stay in PJs and watch movies all day—with popcorn.
  • To find solace in a snuggly, rainy day.
  • To color for an hour straight.
  • To practice the same toddler yoga video over and over.
  • To answer every “what is it?” question.
  • To learn my own lessons while teaching them.

Some days, I still find myself overwhelmed. And on those days, I usually hang out with my little dudes at home. The difference now is that I’m confident my kids never have boring days. Even if we stay in our pajamas all day, there are tiny adventures everywhere that we can experience. That I will never feel guilt over.

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