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Are you a female walker or runner? Or do you want to start running (or start again) and don’t know where to begin? Are you looking for support and encouragement on your running journey?

If any of these sound like you, the Madison chapter of the national free running club, Moms RUN This Town (MRTT) is for you! MRTT is an avenue for local women to connect, share, encourage, and learn together. ALL skill levels and paces are welcome, and all women are welcome (not just moms)!

Here in Madison, we have a huge fitness and running community, but I know from personal experience that it can be hard to fit in when you are a new runner. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all of the races and very fast people and fitness watches and running gear and….everything! When I started running, I had an image in my head of a “runner”, and I didn’t fit that image. As time went on, I met women of all shapes, sizes, ages, skill levels, and paces, running for many different reasons. I realized that I was truly a runner, just as all of those women were, no matter what they looked like or what they were wearing or if they were finishing first in races or last – or not racing at all. MRTT is a welcoming and supportive community for every female walker and runner. Each one of us has something to offer within the group, whether you are an experienced runner or brand new.


Our online gathering spot is our Facebook group, found here.

This is where you can ask questions, post inspiration, seek out other women to run with, etc. It is YOUR group so please jump right into the conversations or start your own! It is very important to us that the Facebook group is a safe space for women to share, so the group is for women only. We also have opportunities to meet up in person, including meeting up at races and holding group runs. Official MRTT group runs are ALWAYS all paces, no woman left behind, and you are welcome to push your kiddos in a stroller!


We are excited about the future of our Madison MRTT chapter and we would love to have you and your friends join us! The bigger the group, the better the group, and we will all learn from each other and share this amazing journey together. Hope to see you in the group, and out on the pavement and trails!

For more information on Moms RUN This Town, please visit the national website

If you have friends outside of the Madison area who may be interested in MRTT, they can find their local chapter here.  MRTT3 MRTT4

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