10 Fun Ideas for Candid Infant Photos

Time slips away so fast, and even faster when you are caring for a newborn. You realize even though you are up before the sun and possibly haven’t showered, you blink and the day is over. The precious gift you are caring for grows up before your eyes and days and weeks slip on by.

One thing I did with my first child that I vowed to continue no matter how busy life got was to ensure I captured a monthly photo of my second little one. I still look back at the ones I did with my first. With having two girls it is fun to look back to see if they look similar in that month or when my first gained her rolls I was so fond of. The ideas today vs. three years ago of pictures has changed giving various options thank you in part to Pinterest. I merely did the month stickers with my first, but now there are tons of other fun ideas I have seen that I wanted to share.

1.) Month Stickers: These work great until the baby learns how to rip them off.

The 9 months sticker I had to put on her back to ensure to capture the moment.



2.) Chalkboard: Add fun facts for the month. Favorite things, foods, stats etc.



3.) Stuffed Animal

Have your little one next to a special stuffed animal, maybe yours growing up, one that goes with the theme of the nursery or just one that was gifted from someone special.



4.) Numbered Blanket

Just discovered this neat idea. Being thrifty (ok cheap) I decided to make my own vs. spending extra.

You can make these blankets correlate with the season or holiday.

My daughter was a month old near Halloween so pumpkins, orange & black was what I went with.



5.) There’s an app for it: For ease of having to put together props there are several apps out there,

some for free that can help decorate pictures you capture.


6.) Marquee Sign/Felt Sign



 7.) Blocks: I love what a friend of mine did with the comparison of one week and one year



 8.) Numbers: Use oversized numbers like the ones below made out of flowers or

decorate wooden/craft numbers with paper or paint.



9.) Sitting in rocking chair or other chair:



10.) Mom Holding Baby:

Start with a maternity picture with your belly then take monthly photos holding your baby over your tummy.



Simply taking these candid photos to time stamp the growth is not only fun but can be a great addition to a baby book or memory book. Especially if you are like me and still need to finish 6 months of your 3 year old’s.

Are there any other ideas out there that are a fun way to capture your little one’s age?



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