Madison Guide to Berry Picking

Strawberries, Raspberries & Farms, Oh MY!

berrypickingmadisonLast year I posted a round-up of Madison area farms that offer U-Pick strawberries, raspberries and other fresh produce. Being that it is already mid-May, there is actually some produce already making an appearance in the Madison area. Several places listed below have fresh asparagus for sale. Yum!

For berries, and other u-pick produce, here is what you need to know before grabbing your pails and heading out:

First of all, strawberries will probably be available at most places around Father’s Day weekend (mid to late June). Before heading anywhere, definitely call and make sure of the availability for “U-Pick”. A lot depends on the weather, so they could pop out earlier. I’ve included phone numbers and websites (if available) below so you can call around.

Secondly, many places offer both U-Pick and Pre-Picked berries. Some only grow strawberries, some only grow raspberries, and a few do both. I’ve also included whether or not places offer other U-Pick options beyond strawberries and raspberries in case you’re interested in trying apple picking this fall.

blackberries-rubus-sectio-rubus-fruits-berries-48156-largeFinally, some farms (such as Lapacek’s or Eplegaarden) offer other family friendly activities – animals, hayrides, picnic areas, etc – so it’s worth checking out their websites if you are interested in packing a lunch or making a day out of your trip. If there is specific information I thought would be helpful about a farm, I included it under the “Other” section – such as prices, other activities, season schedule, etc.

Here are some of the Madison-area farms that offer U-Pick berries. I’m sure there are others that I’ve missed, and since I haven’t been to most of these myself, I’d love to hear your thoughts/opinions about them in the comments. Also, if you have any special jam or jelly recipes you’d be willing to share, I’m going to try my hand at making some this year.

Wishing you lots of strawberries and a wonderful summer!


Eplegaarden Orchard

Location: 2273 Fitchburg Road – Fitchburg, WI

Phone: 608-845-5966

U-Pick: apples, raspberries and pumpkins

Other: Raspberry picking begins mid-July and lasts until the first frost. They also offer fresh Asparagus by the pound beginning in May!

JenEhr Family Farm

Location: 6837 Elder Lane – Sun Prairie, WI

Phone: 608-825-9531

U-Pick: strawberries

Other: U-Pick only available Friday and Sunday, but phone ahead. Strawberry picking begins in mid-June. For CSA members, they also offer u-pick blueberries and tomatoes!

Bures Berry Patch

Location: 3760 W. Brigham Road – Barneveld, WI

Phone: 608-924-1404

U-Pick: Strawberries, peas and pumpkins

Other: U-pick strawberries available around the second week in June for 2-3 weeks. They also sell other produce including asparagus (already available!), rhubarb, potatoes, raspberries, sweet corn and more.

Appleberry Farm

Location: 8079 Maurer Road – Cross Plains, WI

Phone: 608-798-2780

U-Pick: Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries

Other: Besides the Orchard, feed chickens, take a hayride or walk through their grounds. Strawberries available around mid-June, raspberries in early to mid-July and blueberries throughout July. Also sell sweet corn mid-July through mid-August and ice cream from the Chocolate Shoppe.

Carandale Farm

Location: 5683 Lincoln Road – Oregon, WI

Phone: 608-835-5871

U-Pick: Strawberries, Raspberries and Grapes

Other: Strawberry season typically begins around mid-June, but varies based on weather. Raspberries typically available until early or mid-October.

Gracie’s Berries

Location: 103 Oakland Road – Cambridge, WI

Phone: 608-423-9594

U-Pick: Strawberries

Other: Prices: U-Pick – $1.55/Pound or Pre-Picked – $3.50/Pound

Lutz’s Family Farm

Location: 1477 County Road T – Marshall, WI

Phone: 608-655-3664

U-Pick: Strawberries

Other: Strawberry season generally mid-June to July 1. Also sell sweet corn, tomatoes and other veggies in late July and August.

U-Pick Strawberry Farm

Location: 5396 Hahn Road – DeForest, WI

Phone: 608-417-9485

U-Pick: Strawberries, Raspberries

Other: They offer U-Pick or pre-picked options, veggies for sale and a petting zoo. Also check out their pumpkins in the fall.

Lapacek’s Orchard

Location: N1959 Kroncke Road – Poynette, WI

Phone: 608-635-4780

U-Pick: Raspberries, veggies, pumpkins

Other: Also offers gift shop, picnic area, farm animals. Also sells pre-picked blueberries and apple cider donuts on Saturday mornings. Open for picking in August.

Kirschbaum’s Strawberry Acres

Location: N5802 Hwy. 151 – Beaver Dam, WI

Phone: 920-887-7530

U-Pick: Strawberries

Other: In addition to U-Pick strawberries, they also have peas, tomatoes, honey, hickory nuts, syrup and a bakery!

Sutters Ridge

Location: 2074 Sutter Drive – Mt. Horeb, WI

Phone: 608-832-6445

U-Pick: Raspberries and Apples

Other: Raspberry season begins around Labor Day weekend. Also, enjoy picking apples or pumpkins, a corn maze, wagon rides and more.

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3 Responses to Madison Guide to Berry Picking

  1. Carolyn May 23, 2016 at 11:29 am #

    Great list! Kirschbaum’s in Beaver Dam is a very worthy addition that ought to be mentioned!

    It’s just past Columbus and they have a couple large swatches of different strawberry patches that they take you out to on a golf cart. It’s not far from Sun Prairie or the east side of Madison/its environs. I’ve gone there each summer the last several years and the strawberries are always exquisite! They also sell honey from bees on their farm as well as a few other things.

  2. Brynn April 26, 2017 at 7:28 pm #

    Creek Bed County Farmacy has over 6 acres of big, juicy strawberries. U-Pick or We-Pick. It includes a free hayride and offers the best customer service! At the We-Pick area you don’t even have to get out of your car! My grandma adored this place, and I love taking the kids to pick our own. They even encourage taste testing!

    Creek Bed Country Farmacy
    N2767 Mountford Rd.
    Poynette, WI


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