January Days To Celebrate

January can be a rough month. You are trying to get back to normal life after all of the excitement from the holidays and it can end up being a blah kind of month. Not to mention that when living in the midwest it makes for more trying times with the cold weather. We all start looking up real estate in warmer places and/or you begin to wish you also could just hibernate and reappear for spring. No, I’m just the only one? Well anyways, instead of just trying to surviving January I wanted to share a calendar I put together that my kids and I can participate in during the month and to have things to look forward to!

And let me preface that this calendar is not a stressful advent calendar with activities each day, in fact most days don’t require any prep at all…for instance the Compliment Day, we can do this people!

Here is the list of days I included, but if you look online there is something practically everyday!!

January 4: Spaghetti Day – Make pasta and watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. 

January 5: National Bird Day – Go to the Library and check out books on birds and have your kids pick out their favorite one or if you don’t have time just watch Angry Birds on Netflix. I really promise this list isn’t going to promote watching movies for every single day.

January 6: Cuddle Up Day – Um yes please! Tell your kiddos it’s a holiday so they need to give you extra cuddles this day.

January 8: Bubble Bath Day – You could make bath bombs or grab a cheap can of shaving cream and add food coloring. Or if you are, ‘bathe my kids once a week’ just make it this day!

January 15: Martin Luther King Jr. Day – How great of an opportunity to really make a point of celebrating this day! Not only is this a day to celebrate MLK and his legacy, but it also is an opportunity to reinforce to our kids to be courageous and that they also can make a difference in this world. If you are interested in a craft for this day, I really liked this one

January 18: Winnie The Pooh Day – Grab some Winnie The Pooh books and make that the theme for story time during bedtime.

January 20: National Cheese Lover Day – All we really need to do is make sure we are eating cheese at some point in the day if you are able. Or you could even make up a platter!!

January 23: National Pie Day – Go to your favorite bakery or restaurant and treat yourself to some pie. If you are ambitious make one for the family! My favorite spots for pie are Norske Nook and Hubbard Avenue Diner.

January 24: Compliment Day – Make sure you put the effort into complimenting all the special people in your life. Doing this is not only makes the recipient feel good but this activity can also brighten up your day! Win-win!

January 29:  National Puzzle Day – Dig out all your puzzles and work on them throughout the day.
Sometimes it’s fun making a big deal out of small ordinary things. I hope you are able to do that for a couple of days this coming month! Here is the calendar you can print out and hang on the refrigerator to remind you of these days we talked about! Good luck friends! 


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