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As a new mom I have mother’s guilt. I find it hard after being at work all day to hit the gym. When we get home from daycare I don’t want to turn around and drop her off at a gym daycare,  I want to spend time with her. Instead we are taking full advantage of Wisconsin’s beautiful fall weather by going on runs with the jogging stroller. Even though I enjoy running it is hard for me to do as a daily routine and I know in order to see results and to not plateau it is important to cross train.

Today, I tried 9Round. Who doesn’t enjoy a workout that fits in your schedule and is 30 minutes! It went by so fast, I got to relieve some aggression and the start time is up to you.  Classes begin every 3 minutes. Plus your first class is free!

I want to be a mom who is a positive role model for my daughter by making healthy decision and incorporating fitness into my daily life. There are so many wonderful benefits of being active such as weight loss, increased energy and improved mood.

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Tips for Fitness

1.) Mix it up! Don’t do the same thing every time you work out. How boring!

2.) Incorporate your family. Hit the park, go for a family bike ride, race around the backyard, or have a dance party.

3.) Quality over quantity. If is one thing I learned of the years it is being on a cardio machine for an hour isn’t the most effective use of your time. Do sprints on the treadmill or hit the stair climber with interval training then add weights.

4.) Mark your calendar and hold yourself accountable for working out. Plan a time that works for you, whether it’s before the kids wake up, during nap time or over a lunch hour.

5.) Have Fun! Try new things, incorporate a friend or family member.

For more information on 9Round www.9round.com

Madison West Location

6636 Mineral Point Rd, Madison, WI 53705 phone: 608-831-0108

Madison East Location

4522 E Washington Ave., Suite 5, Madison, WI 53704 phone: 608-310-5220

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