It’s All About the Curls

Before having kids, I was a hairstylist. I enjoyed helping people transform their look and feel confident. Even though I no longer work in a salon, I love getting the chance to style a friend’s hair for a special occasion. I’m often asked how I curl my hair. There’s not a standard answer. Everyone has different hair types, textures, thicknesses, and lengths. I’m happy to share some basic tips on how you can achieve these looks at home!

Katie’s hair has a normal texture. To achieve her curls, I used a flat iron. This does take a bit a practice, but it’s great for achieving this look! You can find some great tutorials online that take you through the process step-by-step.
Tip: Curl the front away from your face. Don’t make the curls too perfect and you don’t have to curl everything. For Katie, I took bigger sections (about 3-4 inches).
Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 3.50.46 PM

Alisa’s hair is fine, thin, and doesn’t hold a curl very well. I used a 1-inch curling iron and took bigger sections.
Tip: Curl the front away from your face. Don’t make the curls too perfect and you don’t have to curl everything. Using a volumizing product on your hair before you blow dry is recommended!
Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 3.51.13 PM

Tara’s hair is coarse, thick, and curly. I used a 2-inch curling iron and ran it through the base of her hair first to help smooth
Tip:  When blow drying your hair, use a round brush to get it as smooth as possible. Curl the front away from your face. Take about 2-inch sections and run the curling iron through the entire hair shaft first to help tame any frizz.
Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 3.50.09 PM

When I see a hairstyle I like, I find some time (typically when the kids are sleeping) and just play around to see how I can achieve the look. Once you’ve discovered what works best for you, it’ll make styling your hair easier and quicker!


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