I Am That Mom…


Prior to having kids, my husband and I moved throughout our day as I saw fit. I never saw myself as a person that likes routine. I didn’t like things to feel predictable. Fast forward to motherhood, I have become that mom. Yes, I have become the mom that thrives off of schedules and routine to maintain sanity. Having a routine with our children keeps all of the moving parts throughout the day running more smoothly. Not to mention, I love knowing that at a certain time, our daughters will be down for their nap and bedtime. I can recall trying to brainstorm when we had our oldest on how to make going back to work from maternity leave feel less chaotic. I said, let’s try establishing a schedule. We have to be out of the door for work by 8:15 am. Translation…both parents dressed, lunches packed, and baby dressed for the day. Sounds simple right? HA! We take our bumps in the road in stride. Time management with children is by trial and error. I knew that in order to make mornings not feel like a circus, the kids must stay sleep till 7am if at all possible. As we all know, preschool age kids and infants have different sleeping habits. Our 3-year old wants to exercise their independence with her right to choose when to go to bed, while the other would like to sit peacefully in our lap till her heart’s content. A typical schedule for us looks like this:

6am Mommy and Daddy wake up (sometimes a little earlier)
6:45am-7:15am: Liv and Vanessa
7:45am: Breakfast for family
9:45am-11:15am: Baby Liv takes morning nap
11:45am: Lunch for the kids
1pm: Vanessa and Liv take afternoon nap
3:45pm: Afternoon snack for the girls
6:15pm: Dinner
6:50pm-7:30: Bath, book, and bedtime for Liv
7:30-8:30pm: Bath, book, and bedtime for Vanessa
8:30pm-Whenever: Mommy & Daddy time

We definitely leave some room for flexibility and have learned to pick and choose our battles in round 2 of parenting. It is tough at times to run our day based on a schedule, however it truly works for the girls. When they are off schedule we DEFINITELY feel the impact, preschool meltdowns and a crabby patty! We have learned in our slightly over 3 years of parenting that our girls are much happier people when they are well rested and have an idea of what to expect throughout their day. In addition, we have guaranteed built-in breaks as parents. Now what parent does not appreciate a guaranteed break time? At the end of the day, I encourage each parent to do what works for them. Whether it be a schedule or take each day hour by hour. Parenting is an interesting adventure without a manual. Enjoy the peaks and valleys.

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  1. Kristin October 3, 2016 at 12:52 pm #

    I used to hate having a routine too, but having kids has changed that! I find without a routine my household can quickly go into chaos mode.

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