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A couple months ago I had the opportunity to head up to Downtown Baraboo for the afternoon. Since it’s just a short drive north of Madison, it made for the perfect little day trip for my four year old and me. We explored the downtown, checked out the shops, enjoyed some sweet treats and ended the day at Spa Serenity where she got the chance to soak her feet and relax (because I mean, being a four year old is hard work, right?!) 

I’m not sure she wanted to leave. And neither did I! Spa Serenity is so peaceful, blissful and of course ‘serene’. The staff there were very friendly and welcoming and the amenities were beautiful. As my daughter and I walked to the car I texted my best friend and told her that we needed to plan a girls weekend for the spring at Spa Serenity. And it wasn’t hard to convince her after she checked out their website

Spa Serenity was created 10 years ago so their guests could “Spend the DAY, not a fortune” – their full service menu includes Massage, Facials, Body Treatment, Manicures, Pedicures, Wax Boutique, nkd and a full service Salon. They offer a wide variety of services from therapeutic and pain management massages to high end spa days. Spa Serenity specializes in providing a comfortable environment for: couples massages, spa day’s, large groups or your therapeutic massage needs. You can schedule a single service or take advantage of our spa packages, to create the ultimate relaxing day!

And if you make the trip up there, you will want to grab a cookie from Neat-O’s Bake Shoppe (they taste just as good as they look!) Just Imagine Toy Store is a must-see, too, along with Bekah Kate’s. There is SO much to see and do in Downtown Baraboo. We encourage you to take a day to relax, unwind and recharge. Take your partner, take a girlfriend – or go solo. Because after all, there is nothing a busy mom needs more than some self care! So when your partner asks what you want for Valentine’s Day this year – be sure to tell him/her that you want the gift of serenity (don’t we all?!) 

*Spa Serenity sponsored this post, but we only work with businesses who we would recommend and who add value to our readers!

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