Gifting to New/Repeat Mamas

Recently I just had my 2nd baby and the love and support from friends and family has been wonderful. With having baby showers with my firstborn I didn’t really expect anything this time around, especially since we had another girl. Even just the smallest of gestures can brighten and aid a new mama and her family. Pop over with her favorite coffee (caffeine, yes please!), treat or simply offer to take an older child for a playdate.

Here are some more ideas:


Make or purchase a meal. Freezer meals are fabulous for a family to be able to make when needed. Our team has some great meal ideas to try. This helped me not have to think about dinner for the first two weeks of life. I was sad when my supply ran out.


It is amazing how many clothes a newborn can go through in a day. From spitting up to blowouts, extra clothes are always appreciated. Avoid whites if possible. Even though we have hand me downs from our first child, they were not born in the same season so everything under size one is off in working for number two.

First aid kit

I remember the first time my baby had a fever from shots and the doctor recommended giving a fever reducing medicine. I had to visit my local drugstore because I didn’t have one on hand at home. Putting a kit together with everything from aspirin to band aids can be very helpful.

Personalize something

I LOVE monogrammed items. Everything from a onesie to a new blanket.


Do you sew, knit, crochet? You can never have enough blankets, hats, burp clothes and bibs. Taggie blankets are another fun gift to make for a new baby.

Gift cards

Does the family have a favorite restaurant in town? Coffee drinker? Pizza place or anywhere else that delivers.

Gently used/opened

It doesn’t have to be new- did your children grow out of clothes or did you stock up on diapers/wipes you no longer need? Pass those along to another.

Gifts for older siblings

My older daughter was not forgotten. From coloring books, matching games, treats. Older siblings love to feel included even with something small.

As you know it takes a village to raise a child and showing support even in a small way helps immensely not only to show love but to take pressure off a new mom trying to settle into reality.

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