Getting a Pet- Are We Crazy?


Last summer we had to put down our beloved first family pet, a yellow lab named Uno. He was a cherished member of the family, and we still miss him dearly. Not long after we put him down, we weighed the pro’s and con’s of getting another dog. No biggie that we had twin one year old’s, a five year old, and we are both working parents, right? That alone should have been the deciding factor. But we also considered the fact that without a pet, we didn’t have to worry about a dog sitter when we would leave for a weekend, or about getting home right away to let the dog out. Not to mention that we were pretty happy without all the dog hair around. So we decided that the best option would be to wait. Ok, the reality is that I had to stand firm  on the whole waiting thing, while my partner and my older daughter begged me almost every other week. I figured that it would best to wait until the summer- I would be off work from school, and would have time to train, exercise, and socialize a new dog.

Then our friend called- they had adopted a dog a few months earlier and then had family members realize they were allergic. Would we want to adopt him? That night at dinner, we brought it up for discussion. We received a quick “OF COURSE” from Luci, and after not too much arm twisting, we decided to give it a try. We worked out a trial run week- if it didn’t go well then our friend had another option.

Friends told us we were crazy. Those that really know us also know that crazy is how we live our lives- always doing something, going somewhere, getting into something else. So this was just another crazy chapter in our lives. Of course we were hooked after having Augie in our home no more than a  few hours. He was so sweet, and cute, and though very much a puppy, pretty well behaved.

What really was amazing was the bond that quickly formed between the kids and him. After only one day our twins Cati and Lanie were squealing about “Augie the doggie”. Luci declared Augie as “hers” and that she was his mom- nobody else. Within a week the twins would repeat “get Luci, go house, see Augie” every day after picking them up from daycare. He was suddenly part of our family- there was no turning back.

We have definitely had our share of “oh no” moments in the month that we have had him- don’t get me wrong. Augie is still a puppy (he is almost 5 months old now) and has pummeled all of the girls outside in the backyard. Like, full run, leap and tackling them (he doesn’t quite understand why they don’t like it)! And he has stolen a few toys, eaten the head off of Anna, and the arm and braid off of Elsa. (He loves Frozen as much as they do!) But the girls still love him as much as ever. And I will even go so far as to say that they are learning skills from him being around. Cati likes to help feed him his meals (with her big sister supervising), and they all love to give him treats. Cati and Lanie don’t really like sharing too much, and playing fetch with Augie gives them a chance to take turns “throwing” the toys for him (they don’t get thrown very far unfortunately- more like a couple feet in front of where they are standing).

We always were a dog family, and having another dog in our lives makes us feel complete. The love and bond that is being formed between Augie and the girls is so sweet, and something that will create lifelong memories as they grow older.


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