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I have always been extremely interested in health and wellness — I love to exercise (yes, most days I actually love it), and I minored in nutrition in college. Despite this, I don’t always listen to my body when it comes to food. I am known to overdo it when it comes to sweets and know that there are foods that I seem to  have intolerances to, but have never had the patience to actually determine which foods they are. 

When I first learned about GenoPalate last fall, I was immediately intrigued. GenoPalate looks at the blueprints of your body — your DNA — to see exactly what nutrients your body craves and what combination of foods is best suited for you so you can see long-term results but also feel satisfied AND healthy after eating! By analyzing your unique genetic makeup, GenoPalate creates a report that helps you determine what foods you are best able to digest & utilize, plus identify the elements your body should avoid. 

GenoPalate was founded in Milwaukee by a scientist AND mom. She knew that her life could really change if she understood her relationship to food through analyzing her unique DNA. 

The Process

After signing up here, GenoPalate sent me a kit in the mail where I submitted my DNA via saliva (no blood, no needles – yay!) and I filled out a short online survey regarding my food preferences and health history. I followed the easy instructions to prepare the saliva sample, put it in the bag and sealed up the box. The next part was even more simple – drop the self-addressed and stamped box off at the post office (or in your mail box!) and wait for results to come in!

Once GenoPalate received my sample, my DNA was extracted and prepared to be read on a “chip.”

According to their website, “there are over a MILLION pre-installed marker molecules that once activated by the specific molecule of your DNA, emit a fluorescent signal which translates into your specific genotype.” Your genotype is as specific to you as your fingerprint!

The Results

The results arrived and were extremely thorough and detailed. It was so interesting to be able to read through and see which genotypes were identified in my DNA. I also learned in my dietary analysis that the Anti-Inflammatory Diet was recommended for my genotype. 

“The Anti-Inflammatory diet is a diet that is well rounded with a balance of grains, lean proteins (especially seafood) and plenty of fruits and vegetables. No food groups are excluded, so there is seldom a struggle with cravings. The diet is also high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, which are essential and healthy fats that our bodies need to heal and grow. Saturated fats from animal sources like meat, dairy, and some oils can also be enjoyed in moderation.”

Interestingly enough, I am a pescatarian (have been for over 20 years with a short hiatus a decade ago… which means I don’t eat any meat (personal preference) but do eat seafood. So the anti-inflammatory diet works well for me because a lot of the suggestions included fish/seafood – but recommended that I stay away from red meat (NO PROBLEM THERE!) and even other meats and poultry’s weren’t necessarily suggested for me. I shared my Personal Nutrition Label — I know I eat more calories than recommended and definitely more sugar. Since my goal is not weight loss — but rather wellness, I likely won’t adjust my calorie intake. But I will make a concerted effort to reduce the amount of sugar I consume. 

I recommend GenoPalate for anyone curious about their own GenoTypes, food intolerances and suggested food intake based on your own unique DNA. It was interesting to learn so much (the full report is extremely thorough) and also useful. 


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