Five Functionally Bold Entryway Tips!

Confession time…. I like most people, decorated my homes living spaces all while walking past my blank, boring entryway…daily…for months.

blog entryway blank The fact is most entryways go neglected; it is just not a space we as home owners have to hang out in.  However, to some visitors it might be the only space in your home they see.

In all honesty, the only time I would think about my entryway is when I would have my fellow mom friends over and their shoes, coats, and diaper bags were left in a mess on my floor.   As embarrassed as it would leave me feeling, I still was not very good about hanging guest coats in our closet for them.   The day finally came when enough was enough and I decided to take on my entryway.  I tried to start with doing the classic Pinterest search looking for inspiration.  It left me a little disappointed as I just wasn’t finding the look that I was wanting and still not sure where to start.  I new I wanted a statement focal wall, but was a little scared to go bold.  To gain extra courage I consulted with friend and decide to just go for it….and that is the day that blue was selected as my bold color choice to get my entryway entryway whole

Are you in a similar entryway situation?  Not sure where to start or need some inspiration?

Here are my Top Five Entryway Tips to turn your boring space into a functional bold statement:

1.  Don’t be afraid to take a risk and choose a bold paint color. While painting is not fun for most, it is only paint and can easily be changed.  A bold color can make a big statement.  If you just can’t get yourself to go bold with color, try using stencil patterns in flat and a glossy paint (same color) to bring some interest to your wall.  Wallpaper also can make a nice impact.  It is a little more of a commitment, as it is more of a challenge to change out in the entryway wall shot 2







2.  Coat hooks or a coat rack. Let’s be real, as much as we want to use our coat closets, they are just more work than most of us want to do.  Having hooks available, make it easy for your guest to hang up their coats and bags.  Don’t be scared to make your own. Ours was made with an extra piece of wood painted in crackle paint, securely attached to the wall with screws, and hooks chosen to our liking from the local hardware store.  A mixture of different coat hooks sporadically placed on your wall would also make a great look too.


blog entryway coat hooks







3.  Console tables/cabinets. I struggled with wanting to put a bench in my space, but when it came down to it the console table was fun to decorate for the holiday’s, gave us a place to set things on (coffee, keys, mail), as well as, provided an extra place for storage.  You can always add a chair or small stool next to your console.  I choose to turn my unused entryway closet into a sitting space instead of my main entryway wall.  When decorating your console table remember to include a lamp or a flower/plant arrangement to warm up the space.

blog entryway







4.  A patterned rug. Changing out your entry rug is a quick way to refresh your space for different seasons, bring colors together, or even completely change the look.   During the winter months, I like to use big rugs layered with a thin washable rug on top.  As soon as spring rolls around I like to bust out the more decorative entryway rug collegeblog entryway rug 1



5.  Wall décor. So many ways to decorate your wall, I am not sure you can go wrong.  I love seeing family pictures on an entryway wall.  It is a great way to welcome guest into your family.  Pictures can be hung directly on your wall (personally love the look of different types of frames) or you could add a couple picture shelves to display family pictures.  Texture and dimensional artwork give the wall extra interest.  Looking for additional inexpensive inspiration, take a look back at my eight inexpensive diy wall ideas.

blog entryway shelves

Hope you have been inspired to take another look at your entryway!

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