Fighting “Adultitis”

Are you a rule follower like me?  When it comes to my kids, I think I’m pretty strict with certain things like bedtime, and different rules that I think are important.  But I’m also the mom who at times only reads the first line or two of each page in a long book to get through the stack faster so I can relax for an hour or two after they are in bed.  Or I check my email or try to clean up the dishes from dinner when I should be playing with them.  I’m totally guilty of “adultitis”.

Adult what???  Let me enlighten you…

My husband has been attending a leadership conference through work once per month since this fall, and one of the sessions he attended was on “work/life balance”.  It was presented by a speaker named, Jason Kotecki.  Jason and his family are from the Madison area.  Jason speaks about what he calls “adultitis” and shares with his audiences was to battle it and make life more fun and less stressful like when we were kids.  Here is how he describes his mission on his website/blog:

“Our mission is to annihilate Adultitis.

We do this by advocating a lifestyle based on the secrets of childhood while helping people to live better stories with less stress and more fun.

Although it may be a simple mission, it’s the fight of a lifetime. Adultitis is a sneaky foe; it tricks us into missing out on the best parts of life and causes us to take ourselves WAY too seriously. Our mission is accomplished one person at a time. We do a happy dance (and Adultitis throws a hissy fit) anytime someone is emboldened to:

  • Lighten up and be less serious.
  • Feel less stress.
  • Be more happy and joyful.
  • Not settle.
  • Be brave.
  • Reawaken their dreams.
  • Initiate adventures.
  • Become who they were uniquely created to be.
  • Have fewer I wish I woulda’s.
  • Make their families, their kids, and their own stories better.”

What a great idea, right?  One thing that Jason does at each of his speaking events, is give all of the participants a Pokey horse, and instructions to a game that uses Pokey.  So, Brett (my husband) brought Pokey home and started this game in our house.  The idea of the game is to hide Pokey in random places that your spouse or kids would eventually find going through their normal routine.  It’s usually good for a laugh or at least a smile.  I was checking into an appointment a few weeks ago, and I pulled out my wallet to give them my insurance card, and there was Pokey in my wallet.  I was laughing and actually shared the game with the receptionist.  She liked it and shared with me something similar that she had done with her husband.


Pokey is just one example of Jason’s creative ideas.  His ideas are things that most adults wouldn’t want or have time to do.  Like getting the kids up in the summer after they’ve gone to bed and go for an ice cream run.  My head thinks, “WHAT?! Wake them up?  NOO way.”  But after I stop and think for a while, I realize that the late ice cream run is what they are going to remember when they are grown, not me washing a few dishes or checking my email.  His website gives great ideas and suggestions for making memories with your family and living a more carefree life.  I’m in, are you?

Here is his website and a quiz to find out if you have “adultitis” and what stage.

Do you and your family have any traditions or especially fun things you do to fight “adultitis”?

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