Father’s Day from the heart!

Trying to come up with a meaningful gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Step away from the commercialization, and think outside the box. Here is a short list to help your planning!

  1. Ask your kids a series of questions about Daddy and film them answering. It doesn’t have to be a professional film, just a quick video on your smartphone. Email it to Daddy to be opened on Father’s Day. Question ideas include “What is Daddy’s real name?”, “How old is Daddy?”, “What does Daddy want to be when he grows up?”, and “ What does Daddy always say?” Get creative! Think of some Daddy specific questions for your kids to answer!
  2. Get crafty. The favorite gift my husband has received from our kids was a framed poem. Search the internet for some Father’s Day poems, and pick one that stands out to you. Write the poem on card stock and have your kids paint their hand-prints all around it. Be sure to add the year to the poem so you can all look back at those tiny hands for years to come!

    Frame a poem for Daddy

  3. Breakfast in bed. It doesn’t matter if it’s a gourmet creation with a side of coffee, or a bowl of cereal with milk slopped over the side, if the kids put it together it’s bound to be a hit with Daddy! Extra points for the Sunday paper being handed over at the same time!
  4. Have some photos taken for his office. It doesn’t need to mean hiring a professional photographer. Get the kids dressed in a nice outfit and take them out in the backyard, or Picnic Point, or anywhere that has a pretty backdrop. Take a photo of each of them, have them printed, and buy a couple of frames. Let Dad take the pictures to work so he has some lovely up-to-date shots of the kids!
    Snapped on my cell phone during a trip to the zoo

    Snapped on my cell phone during a trip to the zoo

  5. Start a Father’s Day diary. In the run up to Father’s Day every year, everyone can take a page and write their favorite memories from the past year. Plan ahead for next year, and start saving little anecdotes now!
  6. Give Dad the TV remote for the night. Such a simple gesture and yet in this house it’s so hard to do! Make a joke of it by sticking a big red bow on the top!
  7. Make some gift cards. Dad always saying he’d love to not have to mow the lawn this weekend? Or that he wants to take the kids to a specific event? Or a night out with his friends? Or simply some “me” time? Make him a gift card to take the pressure off, or to do something he’s wanted to for ages. Maybe it means getting a babysitter, or everyone pulling together to get the lawn ship-shape, or getting the kids ready for a special Daddy-children day… whatever it is, make it from the heart!
  8. Buy a little luxury. Whether it’s a 6-pack of local brews, a selection of his favorite candies, an autobiography he’s been meaning to read, or a magazine subscription, chances are that Dad’s dropped a few inadvertent (or obvious!) hints over the past few weeks. Buying something he has mentioned proves you have been listening, and shows you care!
    We went with the mostly-peanut-butter theme!

    We went with the mostly-peanut-butter theme!

Above all, just let him know how much he means to you and how much you love him. With that in mind, you really can’t go wrong!

Happy Father’s Day!


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