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  JDH_5144[1]Hooray, fall is on its way!  Time to crack out your favorite comfort gear.  In all the seasons for fashion, fall is by far my favorite.  I LOVE boots, scarves, layers, vests… I just love it all.  Also, it’s a welcomed break from worrying if your leg cellulite is showing, if your pits have a 5 o’clock shadow or heaven forbid, in short notice you have to wear a swim suit in front of your peers! (maybe that’s just me.) Anyway, I am happy to share with you a few of my favorite tips for layered looks that are easy and comfy!

*My first tip is to pick a color of the season.  This year at ‘Fashion Week’ grey was a huge hit.  If you are not a grey gal, you can try brown, beige or even an orange.  Find simple key pieces like thin sweaters or simple tee’s in these basic colors and add on ‘pop’ pieces.

*Next, find a few pairs of killer jeans! Jeans are worth spending money on if they fit like a glove and make your butt look like it did before kids… trust me!  Skinny jeans are a great option to wear with your favorite boots.  If you are unsure about the skinny jeans you can pair them with longer tunic tops which easily hide the trouble areas.  Dark-washed denim looks excellent with all of the fall colors and really makes the outfit look expensive and polished.

*It’s all about the accessories!  Adding fun pieces to simple outfits is a great and inexpensive way to dress up your look.  I LOVE scarves and could put them with anything… PLUS if you are having a ‘bloated’ day you can hide behind it! Another simple accessory is a chunky necklace.  You don’t need a bunch, just few that are interesting and unique to you.  Fall is also perfect for those large, beaten-in leather boho bags, they will go with any boot.

*Finally, it’s all about the boot.  Year after year the boot is back and better than before.  I am truly obsessed with knee-high leather boots, they turn frump into fab!  You just need one pair (400 if my husband let me) and they truly are an investment.  I am on year 3 of my favorite Nine West boots and look forward to wearing them again.  Boots are functional, fashion and super comfortable.

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Here are a few links to some of my favorite clothing pieces, along with some Fall Fashion inspiration.  Enjoy! And if anyone wants to come rake my lawn, let me know!

*crewneck hi-lo sweater in beige- Francesca’s 

*stella skyscrapers in dark- Express

*emery necklace- Amy Louise jewelry

*toxicatn boot in dark taupe leather-Nine West 

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  1. Tara
    Tara September 15, 2013 at 4:11 pm #

    Love this Lindsey! I’m digging the grey, gold, cranberry combo for fall. I agree about the boots and jeans, spend your $ there and they make every outfit:)

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