Fall Fashion for Kids & LOTS OF GIVEAWAYS!!


Its that time of year again!  Shorter days, cool nights, football, changing leaves, and FALL FASHION!!

With the help of some of Madison’s adorable children, I would like to showcase some Fall fashions which can all be found locally.  Even better right?!


Fashion #1 – The Moto jacket, floral, and skinny jeans.  All three of these are fashion trends for Fall 2015 both together and separately.  Who doesn’t love a zip up jacket, and this one is kid friendly as it is made out of nice warm cotton.  The floral top is a breezy lightweight cotton (perfect for layering).  And skinny jeans are perfect with boots or flats – its a win-win!  You can create your own outfit just like this one at Happily Ever After Kids Resale Boutique.  The Moto Jacket and Jeans (both name brand) were found at Happily Ever After for a fraction of what they would have cost at a regular store.  Happily Ever After is an upscale children’s resale boutique specializing in clothing, books, decor, outerwear, shoes/boots, Melissa & Doug puzzles, toys and more. They also buy quality new and gently used items by appointment.  To check them out you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook for new arrivals and deals.


Fashion #2 – I have not met a little boy yet, that did not look good in a newsboy/riding cap, and they are always in style, not to mention functional!  Capitol Kids kindly lent us this adorable outfit to showcase some of the cute hip clothing they offer.  We all know raccoons, foxes, and all animals are big right now for both adults and kids, and this colorful raccoon sweater certainly screams Fall!  It would also be cute as a Christmas sweater as well.  Colored pants and jeans are also very trendy right now for boys and girls, and since children have such colorful personalities why not let their true colors shine with color pants!  Capitol Kids is great for kids and other playful people. Hip, comfortable and fun clothing for babies and kids. Carefully chosen toys and books. Weird and wacky gifts. Visit them on the Capitol Square, or check them out online.

DSC_0870water DSC_0878water

Another cute little item you can find at Captiol Kids is this Hip City Sak!  Created by a local mom, (which we LOVE) this is a great way for little girls to learn to carry their own things!  Hip City Sak easily snaps on and off around the child’s waist.  You can also snap off the bag from the belt and add an accessory like we did with this mermaid!  For more information on Hip City Sak you can visit www.hipcitysak.com or check them out in person at Capitol Kids.


Fashion #3 – Matilda Jane – If you have not yet heard of Matilda Jane, that’s okay, here you go!  Matilda Jane Clothing is exclusively sold through in-home Trunk Shows and offer a great mix of pieces that are colorful and a wee bit cheeky.  Luckily we have a local mom who also happens to be a Matilda Jane “trunk keeper” who would be happy to set up a Trunk Show for you and your friends.  First, though, lets talk about this adorable and cozy looking outfit she provided us.  Signature to the Matilda Jane look is the leggings with the ruffles, and the bright and colorful shirt. Patterns play a big role in Matilda Jane clothing, who not only offer pants and tops, but dresses as well.  The icing on the cake of this outfit though, is the uber awesome poncho, complete with hood!! To check out more Matilda Jane designs and/or talk with Nicolle Ward our local Matilda Jane Trunk keeper please visit her page on Facebo0k, or contact her at  Nicolle Ward Trunk Keeper #901:
Cell- (608) 445-6053
Email- [email protected]

badgerwter eversonwater

Fashion #4 – Badger Gear – On Wisconsin!!  Although you can purchase Badger gear just about anywhere in Madison, you need to head over to University Bookstore to get your hands on these red and white striped overalls in sizes to fit even babies!!!

sportywater sportyboywater

Fashion #5 – “Athleisure Wear”  No, I did not make that up, there is actually a fashion trend called athleisure.  For women this would be any outfit that looks like you could go to the gym, but decide, no, I better run errands around town and look good, yet sporty while doing it.  For kids this just means an outfit that looks playful but put together.  The little girl modeling the first outfit illustrates how she can wear her favorite leggings to school, which she loves.  Pair leggings with a cute sweatshirt with a zipper for little bit more flair. *Sweatshirt found at Happily Ever After Kids Boutique.  The slip-on sneakers are also a win-win.  She likes how they are comfortable for playing on the playground, I like how they are easy to put on when we are running late for school.

The second little model is wearing the new trend of the cuffed sweatpants, paired with a hoodie and a pull over shirt.  You can never go wrong with stripes on little boys.  Also, let’s take a minute to note that Chuck Taylor All-Stars are here to stay.  They come in pretty much every color and are popular with kids and adults alike.  The pants in this outfit were purchased at Old Navy, but you can find them all over right now, the shirts were found at Goodwill for a total of $5 for both.  The hat was $1 from Walmart.  This is one of those outfits you could put together using things you already have.  In Fall, layering is the key.


Fashion #6 – Thrift Store Finds.  Thrift stores are a great resource for finding diamonds in the rough when it comes to kids clothes.  This trendy outfit was put together using a mix of old and new. Pale Pink Cotton dress was found at Goodwill for $3, and it is from Gap!!  The jacket the little girl had, but you can always find jean jackets at thrift stores, and the boots were bought new.  And let’s not forget to mention this locally hand-made floral headband, which really is the accessory that pulls the whole shabby chic outfit together.  You can find more of her accessories on her Etsy site Defining Lovely.

I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all the wonderful children who helped to model all the outfits.

I also want to thank the local businesses who made this all possible:

  • Happily Ever After Kids Boutique
  • Captiol Kids
  • Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper #901
  • University Bookstore
  • Defining Lovely
  • Cherished Moments – Beautiful hand-made banners for any occasion


And now, the fun part! We have SIX giveaways that you can enter to win! 

Subscribe to our newsletter (here) and then comment below stating which giveaways you want to be entered in. We will also feature each store individually on our Facebook page this week – so be sure to enter there as well and to share with friends – GOOD LUCK!

  1. Happily Ever After ($25)
  2. Capitol Kids ($25)
  3. University Bookstore ($25)
  4. Matilda Jane ($25) 
  5. Defining Lovely Headband of your choice.
  6. Cherished Moments fall banner.

**Special thanks from Madison Moms Blog to Crocodile Smiles Photography for making this post (and giveaways) possible! She is truly talented and has a way with little ones – keep her in mind when booking your next photo session!

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