DIY Halloween Pac-Man Garland

I know that a lot of you aren’t happy to see summer end, but I have to admit when we got that small stretch of cooler weather I was a pretty happy camper. It got me pretty excited to visit the local pumpkin farms, apple picking, wearing boots and Halloween!

For Halloween I don’t go the route of scary decorations, but I came up with this DIY Pac-Man Garland because it’s still in the season with ghosts but yet very cute!

Materials:  Printable Template, Black and Gold Card Stock, 1.5″ Foam Balls (available at any craft store), Gold Paint or Gold Spray Paint, Paint brush (if using not using spray paint type) Scissors, Tape, Double Sided Tape, Embroidery Needle & Black Thread


Step 1:  Print the Template, cut out shapes and trace (1) pac-man, (4) ghosts and (4) pupils on black card stock and (4) eyeballs on gold card stock.

Step 2:  Paint or spray paint foam balls gold.

Step 3:  Use double sided tape to make eyes and attach to ghosts.

Step 4:  Thread needle with black embroidery thread.  Arrange how you want the sequence to be.  Mine was in this order:  pac-man, (3) balls, (4) ghosts.  Once situated, tape the string to the back of the characters and string the balls.

Step 5:  Decide where you are going to hang this cute little garland!

DSC_0329 copy

This is a pretty simple garland and depending on how old your kids are this would be a fun craft for them to help out. Thanks for letting me share this  with you!

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