DIY Bunny Garland


Here’s an easy, but adorable DIY Bunny Garland you can do with your kiddos to help make your home a little festive for Easter!  The great thing is you can customize this garland with what you got lying around or head on over to a craft store for minimal items.

Materials Needed:  Paper/cardstock, bunny template, ribbon, white pom poms, scissors, glue, small hole punch and tape

Step 1:  Print out bunny template and cut out

Step 2:  Trace bunny onto selected paper/cardstock.  You could use white paper and paint polka dots, use construction paper or designed scrapbook paper…really the ideas are endless!  For my desired length of garland I cut out 6 bunnies.

Step 3:  To get Nola to be part of this craft I had her paint a few of the bunnies with watercolors


Step 4:  Tie a bow around the bunnies neck (I used different colored embroidery floss, but any type of ribbon would work

Step 5:  Glue pom poms to bunny for the tails

Step 6:  Hole punch on outer edges of each bunny under the neck

Step 7:  Determine the length of ribbon and then string each bunny on

Step 8:  Once bunnies are spaced evenly, ribbon is not twisted and centered onto ribbon, tape the back of each bunny onto ribbon to keep in place

Step 9:  Hang and enjoy!



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