Create your own in home gym oasis

It is dreary and dark by the time we get home from daycare. Upon entering our house all I want is to do is throw sweats on, hunker down with a blanket and a cup of hot cocoa. But I know that I will feel better if I continue to stay motivated. I used my resources aka my husband to create our in home gym. I wanted a place I could resort to when there wasn’t an ounce of passion to flee my house but where I could push myself or escape after a toddler tantrum. An in-home gym for myself does not mean a replacement to  my current gym membership but a means for being active on a daily basis especially during the cold months in Wisconsin.

Here are some key components to create a successful gym in your home.

1.) Know your budget

Gym equipment can be extremely costly and some pieces unnecessary. Here is a list of ideal items to have in your gym:

  • Weights- A mixture of free weights and kettlebells. Below is a picture of an adjustable weight set. These are fabulous because they don’t take up much space and it houses several weights to utilize through your workout. The downside is they can be pricey. If you are looking for low cost start with purchasing free weights in various sizes.


  • Cardio- If you have a treadmill or bike that is wonderful but not necessary. To cut costs purchase jump ropes and creating your own plyometric grid (use tape or chalk to create your own- See picture below).


  • Yoga Mat or other padded surface to be able to comfortably execute abdominal work

2.) Carve out time

Your in home gym is set up but you need to ensure you use it. Fit the time in when it works best for your life. For myself starting my day off prior to leaving for work helps to jump start my morning and metabolism. For others nap time or when your children go to bed may be a better time to focus on yourself.

3.) Find an appropriate space

Ensure your new space has room for you to be able to spread out and not feel Closter phobic. Our new in-home gym is set up in a corner of our unfinished basement. A family room, spare bedroom and even a garage could work.

4.) Go in with a plan

Make sure you know what your plan is prior to starting your workout. If you plan to do a lower body workout come prepared with what moves you will need to move though. If you currently have a personal trainer ask them for some workouts to do on days you are not working out with them. Otherwise if you need some assistance or some ideas here are some great resources to utilize:

  • Download Apps on your phone: Nike Training App
  • Magazines: Shape, Women’s Health, Fitness all have articles online that show various moves and explanations to each workout. If you purchase the magazines you can keep those pages in your gym to use otherwise have your computer or phone nearby to reference.
  • You Tube: Search by muscle group. I selected “Ab Workout” and several pages of workout videos come up.
  • Pin It:  With Pinterest you can organize your workouts by day of the week or by muscle group.


Take time for yourself and remember to have fun!




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