Create a Lasting New Year’s Resolution

{New Year’s resolutions} we all make them… but by February they are a faint memory and for many of us we are not sure what we even proclaimed!  Well this year I hope to put a stop to that connotation.  I want to ensure my resolution sticks all year long and isn’t something I loathe doing, but assists our household.

Menu planning… I know it sounds super overwhelming but with further investigation it is a great way to reduce your grocery bills and running back and forth to the grocery store.

I confess that I normally go to the store with no list and most of the time straight from work prior to picking my daughter up. On occasion I have my toddler along and as I’m opening crackers and other snacks in the aisle I realize my mistake! I come home with various ingredients and an idea of a few staple meals but half the time a second trip to the store is necessary – or a recipe such as tacos minus the seasoning packet results. I am ready for this change to organize myself and nourish my family!

1.) Create the calendar: Print and determine how many weeks you will prepare for. Depending on your goal, you can meal plan by week or month. Here are free calendars I found that can assist with the process.

2.) Find family favorite meals: Look on Pinterest, ask friends and family, search online. Check out Bean Sprouts, Kraft Foods, Betty CrockerMadison Mom’s Blog, Yummy Sprout!

3.)  Organize your Calendar with your chosen meals. Tip- use colored post-it tabs to visually see each month how much red meat, chicken, seafood and vegetables you are consuming. This is also a great way to move meals around without messing up your calendar.

4.) Grocery List: Have your grocery list ready to prepare for at least a week or two of meals. Here are two different grocery templates to utilize.

I am looking forward to creating my January calendar. Once created I can share for all to see!


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