Crafts: A Way To Survive Summer

I swear I spend the last 6 months of the school year pining for summer. The relaxing mornings where the kids wake up naturally, the absence of the chaotic routines and schedule, and the extra snuggles of kids always there. 

Then summer finally arrives….

Two days in: “WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS HERE!” Every time I turn around, sneak my mid-day wine, go to the bathroom, shower, read a book, attempt to clean anything!!!! They are right there. Seriously, there is no escape from “I’m so bored” “What are you doing” “Can I have (insert every difficult snack option under the sun”). I am about ready to explode. 

This is when I know the time has come for crafts. Time to let go of trying to do anything on my own for a few minutes and show them how to make something that will occupy them for a good hour once they learned. Notebook making, for me, gives me the most bang for my buck, cause they LOVE it! 

You will need: 

-4-10 pieces of paper (depending on how many pages you want your notebook to be)

-A hole punch

-String or Thick thread (we like to use colorful wrapping string, which you can find at any craft store and sometimes in the dollar section at Target) 

-A large heavy craft needle–OPTIONAL—you can thread by hand

Step 1: Fold each piece of paper in half with a sharp  crease, add 5 evenly spaced holes along edge. Make sure the holes line up for each piece of paper (I find this easiest to by stacking and marking the holes as you go)

Step 2: Cut a piece of string at least 3 times the length of the spine

Step 3: Pull string through the first hole on the end until just a small tail remains

Step 4: Wrap string around edge of spine and back through the same hole

Step 5: Bring string down through the next hole and repeat the process of wrapping around the spine and back through the hole. Continue through the remaining holes until you reach the last hole. 

Step 6: Make an extra loop through the last hole around the edge side of the notebook

Step 7: Take your string and go back through weaving in and out to finish all the holes. until you end where you started. 

Last step: Tie both ends together in a knot, and voila! You have a handmade notebook. You could finish by stamping a design or having the kids draw their own. 




Feel free to share your ideas of how you buy time and distraction with your beautiful (sometimes overwhelming children) during the dog days of summer.

Happy crafting! 





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