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Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcements and Gender Reveals

  Finding out you are pregnant is such an exciting time and it’s natural to want to share your joy with everyone! In this pinterest day and age, there are all kinds of cute pregnancy announcements out there. Whether you take a photo at home or hire a professional it’s so fun to share the announcements […]

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Follow Your Heart

My husband and I are adopting a little boy from China. Yep, check out my bio at the bottom and you’ll see that we’re the ones who already have four boys. And maybe four is enough. Especially since our youngest is already in second grade. While many of our friends are looking forward to more […]

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My Journey With Breastfeeding

My first son was born five full weeks early. To stay I wasn’t prepared for his arrival was an understatement.  That being said, there was one thing I was prepared for – breastfeeding. I always knew I would breastfeed and I was very excited for this part of motherhood.  Like many expecting moms, I read all […]

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Rushing to Deliver 10 Weeks Early

This was my second pregnancy… so I knew everything, right?  I made it 41 weeks the first time around and even had to be induced after trying everything (yes, everything) to go into labor! So I was certain the same would be true the second time around. How wrong I was. Fast forward to 30 […]

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Life in the NICU

On March 16th, 2014 my life completely changed. I went from being a mom of one to a mom of three. I also became a NICU mama. I gave birth to my twins at 30 weeks and 2 days gestation. Completely unanticipated. My labor and delivery was very short – we arrived at the ER […]

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Packing for the Hospital

When thinking of what I’ll pack in my hospital bag, I always turn to the good ol’ internet to see what everyone suggests. Every list is so different. Every mom is so different. I’ve always been an over-packer. Leaving town for one night still means I take 3+ outfits  and just as many shoes! What […]

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The Final Stretch

Last weekend, in a fit of second trimester “nesting”, I decided to tackle my son’s baby clothes. For 2 years, I have kept them meticulously sorted in large plastic ziplocks by size, and stored them in giant tupperware in our storage room. Now that I know we are having a little girl, I decided it […]

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Belly Diaries

Alisa Due with Baby #2 and Baby #3 – Big sister Ava is 18 months! How far along are you? 30 weeks – May 9 How have you been feeling? Have felt great up until this past week – starting to get pretty uncomfortable (big), but since this is my last pregnancy I’m enjoying it […]

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Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Finding out the gender of your unborn baby can be one of the most anticipated and exciting events of your pregnancy (besides actually giving birth to and meeting your baby, of course!) A lot of people are able to wait until they are born to reveal their baby’s gender… but if you are anything like […]

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Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

First of all, let me say – YES… that’s right! My husband and I are expecting… TWINS! It came as quite the shock to us when the ultrasound tech nonchalantly said ‘Okay, there are two.’ My initial thought was ‘TWO WHAT?!’ But sure enough, there were and are two tiny, precious little peanuts growing in […]

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